10 Best Traffic Exchange Sites

10 best traffic exchange sites
Traffic exchange plays an incredible role in increasing conversions for many internet marketers. The idea of traffic exchange has been present for a long time in this industry. It is a way to ensure you get eyeballs on your products and services.  This tends to be more effective if you join traffic exchange sites that are in the same niche. It will be kind of pointless for someone who sells dog training stuff to be looking at your “how to make money online” site. It has to be relevant. Thus, for the purposes of this post, the 10 best traffic exchange sites discussed here are more effective for internet marketing, make money online sites.


How Do Traffic Exchange Sites Work?

The model is very easy. You visit a number websites predetermined by  the traffic exchange site then in turn they send a specific number of people to your site as well. For example you might be required to view 4 sites, then get 3 people to visit your site. The number and amount of traffic varies from site to site. But in essence you have a chance to hone this big pool of traffic towards your website. Most traffic exchange sites also offer the opportunity to earn money for surfing. So that’s another incentive for you to get involved.
As stated above, join traffic exchange sites that are relevant to your niche in order to maximise your chances of conversions. The more qualified the traffic the more referrals and sales you will get. We will now look at the list of the 10 best traffic exchange sites. Select a few that you feel comfortable with and stick to them. If you are consistent enough you will see your website traffic (and conversions if your product is good enough) increasing soon. It’s free to sign up. So take advantage of it and maximise your earnings.


List of 10 Best Traffic Exchange Sites

1.  EasyHits4U.com
2.  Manual traffic exchange
3.  Internet Traffic 247 – Traffic Exchange
4.  TrafficG 
5.  AutoSurf Traffic Exchange
6.  HitLeap
7.  Best Manual Exchanges on Traffic Exchange List
8.  Manual Traffic Exchange – Free Hit Exchange – Increase Web Traffic
9.  247 Auto Hits. com
10.  Get more traffic to your website free today- Join our Manual Traffic

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9 thoughts on “10 Best Traffic Exchange Sites

  1. A great list of traffic exchange sites. Another good tip is to submit landing pages for your products or services encouraging people to take action immediately. This can be more effective than submitting the front page of your website.

    1. That’s a very good tip Geoff, in fact, the most recommended way. In that way you can follow up with your prospects

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