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My24HourIncome Does not Exist Anymore

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My24HourIncome Review
My 24 Hour Income is a new revenue sharing program that was launched on the 20th of August 2016. It was established by Drew Burton who is very well known and trusted in the revenue sharing programs industry. He has been online for a very long time and has gained his popularity from being one of the top recruiters in the rev share industry today. He also is a member of several other rev share programs. This is what gave him the necessary confidence to start My 24 Hour Income.


Seeing a lot of rev share programs come and go afforded him the opportunity to learn from the mistakes of his counterparts and develop a revolutionary program that would not only prevent the flaws that many such programs overlook but would also be a concrete and sustainable system. If you have been in the world of revenue sharing program long enough you will know that many rev share programs don’t make it past 6 months, due in part to the common problem of having more people withdrawing funds than depositing fresh funds. There’s a ton of other reasons why many rev share programs don’t make it but I will not dwell on that here.


What Is a Revenue Sharing Program?

A revenue sharing program is essentially an advertising platform that sells ad space in exchange to providing traffic to your site. Members buy traffic from the program and the program turns around and shares the revenue with the same members, in addition to sending them traffic to their business. So let’s say you have a product or website that you are promoting, you will buy advertising packages from My 24 Hour Income, then they will send traffic to your website -helping you get referrals and sales- and then they will also turn and share the revenue with you as an active member.


my 24 hour income review

Traffic is the most important thing in every any type of business. Having qualified traffic frequenting your product or website increases the chances of conversions – more referrals and more sales – depending on how good your product is. So you need to put your business out there and expose it to as many people as possible. Thus Revenue sharing programs are great in a sense that not only do they send you quality traffic but they also pay you for buying ad packages from them.


Very Simply put: There are 3 ways to earn money with


#1. Purchase Ad Packs , and view 8 ads daily.

#2. Refer others and earn commissions on their purchases.

#3. You can earn extra cash by viewing PTC ads.


Ad Pack Plans

They have different ad pack plans which range from $5 to $75. You earn different amounts per plan, maximum being 130% of your seed money. You earn up to 3.8% a day on each ad pack, until maturation. E.g. Ad Pack plan 1 costs $5 and and returns 110% up on maturation. You get 75 business directory ads and you stand to get a commission of 12%. However, recruiting is optional, you don’t need to have referrals in order to earn with My 24 Hr.  There is also no membership fees. See the respective diagram below.



my 24 hour income review


Another exciting feature is that you also get random referrals as an active member, referrals that are allocated to you just because you are an active member. Do you know the power of referrals? It can catapult your business to another level. So although recruiting is optional it will spearhead your business to another level.


my 24 hour income review

In less than a month since its launch My 24 Hr Income has up to 24 864 members and has paid up to a total of $598 576.73 and $181 153.30 in commission to its members.  This statistics is up until 06 September 2016.

my 24 hour income review


Why Join My 24 Hour Income?


My 24 hour income review7 Reasons To Advertise


7 Reasons To Join To Earn.


Join My24HourIncome Here


My24HourIncome Additional Products

Apart from selling ad space for advertisers to showcase their business. My 24 Hour Income also affords members the opportunity to sell affiliate products through their back office. The addition of affiliate products is something new in the world of revenue sharing sites, as sites typically only offer ad packs internally to their members, and have no retail products.  This is a big step up by Drew Burton to add more value to My 24 Hour Income.


Payment Processors Accepted for Deposits and Withdrawals

Payment processors accepted for deposits into and withdrawals from My24HourIncome are Payeer, Perfect Money, Bitcoin and Payza. You can use any one of the above mentioned pay processors to buy ad packs and to withdraw your funds. If you do not have an account with neither then open one by clicking on the links above. They will take you to the site(s) to register your free account. You need at least one payment processor to buy ad packs and withdraw your earnings.



There are only two drawbacks as far as I’m concerned. The one is only a setback if you are solely looking to invest or to use My24HourIncome as a long term investment company.  Although there is a big potential to earn with this site it is NOT an investment company, that is why they do not offer a refund either.  It is an ad platform that sells advertising space, their product being traffic that they provide to their members. In the My24HourIncome FAQs they had this to say:


Is an investment opportunity with a fixed plan?
No. We are not an investment company that offers a fixed maturity or fixed plan. As stated on our terms and conditions. You are purchasing a legitimate advertising product which will drive traffic to
your website or referral link. You will also receive a share of our revenue which is instantly shared on every sales we receive, please note that this depends upon sales of our Advertising Packages & Services through our site. is created to offer you the best real quality advertising services with high exposure to like minded individuals.


The second drawback (if you are only looking to use it as an investment company) is the one regarding the maturation of ad packs.


How long does it take for an AdPack to mature?
This depends on many variables, in short, there is no way to put a time frame on it. there are no guarantee profits on to give time frame with it all depends on the sites sales with ad pack purchase.




In my conclusion, My24HourIncome is a great opportunity if you are looking for a very easy way to earn money online, while promoting your other opportunity or program. The fact that you get paid for advertising does not mean you should put all your eggs in one basket. You still need to take precautionary measures and not use money you are not willing to lose. This is a general rule applicable to most if not all online business opportunities. All the best with your endeavour.
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my 24 hour income



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