Best Revenue Share Sites

best revenue sharing sites


Revenue Share Sites pay you for advertising with them. They basically sell traffic to their members, and then turn around and share their profits with the active members on the site. Here’s how: So you have a business or product that you are selling and would like to get traffic on your website. That is when you go to a revenue sharing company to buy  traffic. This is great because what will now happen is that you will get your seed money back, 100%, and on top of that they pay you an extra 20% (some even 30%) for having advertised with their platform. Most of them pay 120% ROI although you do get some that pay you 130% ROI, for a certain period. The period varies from site to site.
These programs pop up like weeds these days and it is hard to keep up. It’s easy to jump at any site that promises all the bells and whistles. If the earning percentage is too high you must tread carefully. The Rev Shares that are built to last usually range between 1.8% – 3% per day. Anything more than that you must be careful.  You must apply caution in joining newly launched rev share sites unless you’ve done enough research and the admin of the site is trusted. I cannot emphasize this enough. Too many people fall prey of this mainly because they neglected researching about the company first before joining for the opportunity.
Many of these programs never last more than 6 months, so whenever you come across a rev share site that interests you find out how long it’s been online and whether or not the admin has any kind of reputation etc. This will really help in your decision making to join the site or not. If the site is more than 6 months going for a year and they are paying their members well, on time, without fail then it is safe to join that program. It is for this reason that I compiled this list of the best paying revenue share sites that you can immediately plug into today and get paid in the a few hours.


1.  My Paying Ads

my paying ads review


My Paying ads owner is Uday Nara. He is a mechanical engineer, is very well known in the field of revenue sharing sites, and is trusted and experienced. My Paying Ads was established in March 2015 and throughout their first year they have had many ups and downs but have managed to come up to the top all the time.
At some stage PayPal froze their money, which was a huge upset as most of their money was in PayPal. However, the company didn’t close shop like other companies in this field did. They stuck around and worked and continued with their operations. Members still got paid but through the other pay processors like Solid Trust Pay, etc. What’s important here is that they did not go out of business like so many of the other companies did when PayPal decided to freeze their money. PayPal doesn’t do business with Rev Share Sites anymore.  July 2016 PayPal released their funds and this saw My Paying Ads reaching greater and greater heights and becoming one of the best revenue sharing sites of all time.
They have grown exponentially since then and now have 172 878 members and paid up to $1 050 417 to its members (Stats for 26/08/2016). Some know My Paying Ads as the “King of Revenue Sharing Sites”. They pay out on time, within 48 hours of withdrawal and the maximum withdrawal per day is $200. They do not have a repurchase rule, you decide whether you want repurchase ad packs or withdraw your earnings. They have 4 ad pack plans of which the first one is $5, second is $10, third is $25 and fourth is $50 per ad pack. All of them except the last one have a limit of 100 packs per plan. The last plan is unlimited, meaning you can have as many ad packs as you like on this level. Click the link below to read the full review of My Paying Ads.
>>Download PDF: How-To-Get-Started-With-MPA-Step-By-Step<<<

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My paying ads review


2. Fort Ad Pays

Launched on 11th of November 2014, Fort Ad Pays is a revshare advertising company. What that means is that, the company sells advertisement to its members and also shares the profit earned with the qualified ones (members with active ad packs). This is the same as My Paying Ads discussed above. The concept is the same.




Pedro Fort Berbel is the man behind Fort Ad Pays Inc. which is also based in the Dominica. He seems to be a pretty decent admin. There’s no record of him being involved in any former scams. His Linked In profile shows that he is also CEO of another company and brand MLM Profit Shop. He also has a long track of sales experience.



Share Ad packs

This is the primary product line of the company. The ad packs cost $10 each and they do expire once they have earned you $13. Apart from earning,you receive 10 advertising credits for each Ad  Pack that you purchase.
Members can use these credits to promote their businesses or referral links in the directory or for purchasing PTC ads. The business directory is viewed by all members via the ‘surf’ feature.
Fort ad pays credits revenue shares every 30 minutes into paid members accounts. This is also governed by a 50% repurchase rule, that is your earnings are divided into two, repurchase balance and Cash balance. The cash balance is what can be freely cash out through the payment processors.
You must surf a minimum of 10 ads every 24 hours to remain qualified for these revshare profits.


Other Related Products

These are other products that can be bought separately depending on the member’s traffic needs. You do not earn any rev shares from these.

  1. Login Ads
  2. PPC Banners
  3. PTC Advertisements
  4. Text Ads, and
  5. Banners Ads
  6. Allotment Sales
  7. Classifieds


Download Fort Ad Pays Presentation: FAP_Tutorial_English


Download The 6 Step-By-Step Guide on How To Get Started With Fort Ad Pays and Start Earning Today


fort ad pays reviews



3.  My 24 Hour Income

My 24 Hour Income was launched on August 20 and is owned by a very trusted admin Drew Burton. Just like the other best paid revenue sharing programs mentioned on this site My 24Hr Income also shares revenue with their clients for having purchased ad packs on the site. How it works is basically the same principle. Members buy ad packs from the company to advertise their products and services. This is always the primary function of a rev share, they are an advertising platform where you can buy ad space and get quality traffic to your site.

my 24 hr income


However, what’s generous about Revshare programs is the fact that they share their revenue with you. So here’s how it works: You join the revshare program, then buy ad packs in order to get traffic to your website or business you are advertising and then view 8 ads  per day, every 24 hours. Doing this makes you eligible to take part in the revenue sharing part of the program. But that’s not all.


What sets My 24 Hr Income apart is the fact that you also get free referrals allocated at random to your My 24hr Income Downline. The power of referrals on revenue sharing programs cannot be overstated enough. Referrals catapult your earnings and take your business to another levels. You earn 12% commission on every referral you personally sponsored or that the system gave to you.



These are the share ad packs you can expect to earn from with their related profit plus business directory ads.
my 24 hr income review


7 Reasons to Join To My 24 Hr Income

Click the link below to read the full review of My 24 Hour Income.



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>How To Get Started With My 24 Hour Income Step-By-Step: CLICK HERE<<<

>Download PDF: How To Get Started With My24HourIncome Step-By-Step<<<

>>>My 24 Hour Income Earnings Calculator: CLICK HERE<<<


my 24hr income review

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