Crypto Wealth Review – Is Crypto Wealth A Scam?

crypto wealth review


In this post we are going to look at the new kid on the block called Crypto Wealth, what the buzz is all about and whether or not it is worth your time and money. This program is fast becoming popular online and although that is the case, not everyone really knows what it is really about. Expectedly there will be a lot of speculations and false information spreading around due to lack of knowledge. So in this Crypto Wealth Review we will examine it thoroughly so you can be in the position to make an informed decision about whether or not it suits your needs. Oh and to answer your question, NO it is not a scam. Find out why below.


Name: Crypto Wealth


Price: 0.045 BTC (Approximately $25 at the time of writing this review)

Who is it for: Beginner to Expert

Owner(s): CW has no CEO or Directors, however, the brain behind it’s model is Stefan Pienaar.

Protocols: in green color for https (or padlock)

Company Email for Support:



crypto wealth review
For an updated Alexa Rank just click on the image. This stats is as of 3 December 2016.


What is Crypto Wealth?

Crypto Wealth is a donation program that acts as a feeder funnel to various other network marketing platforms. If you have been in the make money online industry for some time you probably have participated in a multi level marketing (MLM) program before. Multi Level Marketing Companies thrive on recruiting, duplication and building big teams. This invariably determines the size of your pockets.


Although the models usually seem very easy and effortlessly attainable it is actually not the case on the ground. The problem that a lot of people encounter when they join a Multi Level Marketing company is usually three fold:


1. The Cost of Joining
2. The Size of your Network and
3. If your team members are not paying regularly on time then you won’t earn (usually the main reason).


This is why most people don’t succeed in network marketing. Their teams are never big enough and the product too expensive for them to keep up with the subscription. You wake up one day and all your team members are gone, this leaves you with nothing but monthly payments that you have to put up with in order to stay a member; basically operating at a loss. Recruiting is a big challenge for most people, for different reasons.


So Crypto Wealth came up with a brilliant solution for the above mentioned challenges. What CW does is it starts off as a donation platform that acts as a feeder funnel to where the real business is. And the real business is of course Network Marketing Companies. So what CW does is it feeds you into other platforms automatically without you having to recruit or personally register in those companies. It’s all done for you and you don’t even have to pay again (from out of pocket) to join those other companies. Pretty cool huh?


Your network moves with you to all the other platforms. So you work once and get paid over and over again. All that is required from you is a once off donation of 0.045 BTC and 4 Referrals. But if you are a strong marketer you will also help your team to get their 4 people each. Your team will grow as such:


  • You: 1
  • 1st Level  –  Your Referrals: 4
  • 2nd Level  –   Their Referrals: 4×4=16
  • 3rd Level – Their Referrals’ Referrals: 16×4=64
  • Total = 84 Members on your team


You are done 🙂


Don’t let the number 84 throw you off.  It is advisable to view this as just you getting your 4 people, and your 4 getting their four, up to 3 levels deep. Want to move fast? Then Pay It Forward. Yes , you can also sponsor people in. Eventually you will end up with 84 people on your genealogy. These 84 people will move with you to FG Express and Appi Travels which are the two additional platforms that CW helps you join. It is to be stated that FG Express and Appi Travels are two separate companies, not part of Crypto Wealth. However, what’s awesome about this is that you only work once, on Plan 1 which is Crypto Wealth, then your network moves with you to all the other platforms.  Let’s look at the plans below so you can understand better.


There are four plans in Crypto Wealth.


Plan 1 | Donation Plan

crypto wealth review
















crypto wealth review

















crypto wealth review














crypto wealth review



crypto wealth review donation plan














Crypto wealth review donation platform



crypto wealth donation platfom














crypto wealth review



Important Tips Regarding Plan 1

  • Make sure you donate exactly 0.045 bitcoins, not less and not more,  or the system will not recognize your payment. You will have to contact support for a refund.
  • Register and Pay within 48 hours after registration. If you delay to activate your account within 48 hours you will lose your position and be removed from the system.
  • Make sure to convey the above info to your team as well. Register only people who are ready to pay immediately or within 48 hours. This will also accelerate your team growth.
  • Do not use the Xapo Bitcoin wallet to open an account as they are against multi level marketing donations – your account will be suspended.
  • Use Spectrocoin, Bit X, or Local Bitcoins, or Coinpayments to open a bitcoin wallet.


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Plan 2 | FG Express

crypto wealth review- people helping people







Watch the Video Below to Learn More about the FG Express Products



FG Express Compensation Plan




Watch the Video Below to Learn More About the FG Express Compensation Plan


Take Note of The Following:

  • Please make sure that you have updated the section in your Crypto Wealth back office where your full details are required.
  • A remote office has been established from where all the FGxpress registrations will be done on your and other members behalf. No further actions are required from you.
  • After you have been registered, your details will be sent to you. You then need to order your Payoneer USD Debit card from your FGxpress back office.
  • Your FG Express products will be delivered to your home, right at your doorstep. This is why it is important for you to complete step number 1 with the correct details.
  • The people who fell into your network in Crypto Wealth will be placed into your FG Express team. If those who fell in under you were under 10, then the system will allocate other members to your FG Express team.
  • Although you are now allowed more than 3 positions in Crypto Wealth, for the purpose of FG Express we will only consider 3 positions. As follows:
  • Under each position there will be 4 who fell into your first line. In FG Express you will only have one position and need 12 personals to go to ALL STAR (8 Star). The 12 members on the first level of your 3 Crypto Wealth positions will be placed under your one position in FG Express.


Plan 3 | Appi Travels

crypto wealth review






Appi Travels Compensation Plan


crypto wealth review- appi travels







Watch The Video Below for the Appi Travels Compensation Plan



Important Tips to Note

  • You will get paid into your Solid Trust Pay Account. Please open a Solid Trust Pay account here if you don’t already have one.
  • Your network from Crypto Wealth will move with you into Appi Travels.
  • Registration is done for you and your login details provided to you upon registration.
  • Apply for a Solid Trust Pay International Debit Card. Click the Image Below.


crypto wealth review-debit card



Plan 4 | Universal Rotation Plan (URP)

This is the most exciting part of the Crypto Wealth, in my opinion. It is the magic of CW as we call it. Details of this plan are currently held back by the admin and programmers and will be released once the required number of members is reached. The reason for that is to prevent copy cats from duplicating the system; this plan is the first of its kind. It is unique to Crypto Wealth and therefore will only be released upon implementation.


This is what the Crypto Wealth Website has to say about the Universal Rotation Plan:


crypto wealth review


The official launch of Crypto Wealth will be on the 10th of December 2016. It is presently in a pre-launch stage but the numbers are growing astronomically already.


Advantages of Crypto Wealth  – The Feeder Platform

==>>It is all automated.
==>>No Confirmations required.
==>>No Blocking of accounts .
==>>Once Off Donation and you are all set.
==>>No Reversal of donations.
==>>No Delays in Donations.
==>>It Uses Bitcoins.


Bitcoin is still a fairly concept in the world of economy. Most people are used to the traditional way of performing transactions – Banks, Moneygram, Western Union, etc – and get disoriented when the subject of Bitcoin is introduced. Rather than your traditional physical currency such as Dollar, Euro, Rand, Pound, etc, Bitcoin is a digital currency: intangible, not regulated by banks, uses wallets and vaults for storage, transfers almost immediately from one person to another. Learn more about Bitcoins below:



Another advantage of Crypto Wealth is that it will keep adding platforms as it expands and you will just be added automatically to those platforms, and of course move with your team the whole time so you don’t have to ever recruit again.


Disadvantages of Crypto Wealth

Seeing that it is still fairly new there is no marketing material yet. Banners, landing pages, squeeze pages, etc, enable marketers to provide a wider reach of audience. The message about the company gets automated allowing you to speak without speaking, giving room for Passive Marketing to also take effect. Currently Crypto Wealth only depends on word of mouth. However, the programmers are working on the marketing materials. Check in your back office regularly or join the official Facebook Group so you do not miss important announcements.


I will update this post as soon as Marketing Tools are available on the site.


Crypto Wealth Webinar – 30 November 2016 – Watch Below


FREE eBook Download



Crypto Wealth Stats

Crypto Wealth is based on the People Helping People ideal. It’s all about WE not I. WE work as a TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More). As such, I change the code regularly filling the gaps for my team. As soon as the marketing links are available I will create a URL Rotator that will be pre-loaded with all my team members’ links. If you sign up under the code provided below you will also benefit from spillovers, like the rest of my team members. See my team’s genealogy below. I masked the names for privacy reasons.


My Team Genealogy




Register for Crypto Wealth Here:


Please use the code below to join Crypto Wealth and you will be added to the genealogy above:



The numbers on top of the green circles represent the total number of people within the code number. The Green Colour inside the circle means you are active in the system. Whereas the red colour inside the circle means you are not active in the system yet. This is obviously the difference between a Paid and an Unpaid member. See image below:




Crypto Wealth’s operational model presents a very dynamic and refreshing way of marketing online. You only work once and get paid over and over again for your efforts. This revolutionizes the network marketing industry as we know it. The age old challenge of recruiting for MLM companies is now seen in a better light and members can now willingly put effort into building a team knowing that they will forever be linked to the same team members in various companies and never have to recruit again. Thus earning time and time again. This concludes the Crypto Wealth Review –  People helping people.


I would like to hear your thoughts below. What do you like best about Crypto Wealth from what you have just read and listened to?


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  1. An amazing read about Crypto Wealth . This is very enlightening. I’m busy recruiting for my team as we speak . Watch this space! Thank you, this is very informative.

  2. An amazing system and opportunity I have been growing my team and there are so many positive people involved thanks for the great informative review

  3. Help us a bit also to fill our lines…I’m sitting with a dead chain as I joined before the system allocated your own referrals…my randomly allocated 4 people are not doing anything and its not fair having them linked to me as I work hard…would be nice if the system can remove them and allocate my own referrals…my 4 referrals are working hard but means nothing as they not linked to me so I can’t see there progress or help them…

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