Crypto Wealth Universal Donation Plan and Homeless Review


Crypto Wealth has expanded immensely over the past few months. Having pre-launched in October 2016 the success it has experienced over this short period is nothing short of amazing. More and more people are beginning to understand the vision, they are beginning to understand that Crypto Wealth (CW) is not a get rich quick scheme but a very brilliant solution to the network marketing loophole. The ones who understand that in order to have anything worthwhile you have to work for it, that there are no quick riches and you have to put in some work – at least in the beginning – see this as a major opportunity. Why? Because you work once and get paid over and over again.


I did an in depth review of Crypto Wealth: its different plans and how they all come together to give you a passive monthly residual income for the work you only did once. If you didn’t read that post please go here; you will learn more about Crypto Wealth Plan 1, FGXpress (Plan 2) and Appitravels (Plan 3). In the review I also talked a bit about Plan 4 – The Universal Donations Plan (UDP). However, Much has happened in Crypto Wealth since then. This post is thus dedicated to UDP and the new Homeless project. Let us review them separately below so you can understand what the buzz is all about and hopefully be in the position to decide whether this is something you would like to take part in or not.



What is UDP?

UDP stands for Universal Donation Plan. This is Plan 4 of Crypto Wealth. It is the flagship of Crypto Wealth. This plan is what CW prides itself in as being the only platform where everybody who is involved is going to earn. Network Marketing companies and other affiliate marketing type of programs depend on other people buying your product in order for you to earn. However, with UDP everyone who is an active member will earn. Gone are the days of pyramid structures in which only the top 30% earn.



This is the Plan (well part of it)

As far as the complete information as to how the whole plan is going to unfold remains unknown until launch day. This plan is only unique to Crypto Wealth and has never been done before.  Various models were combined to produce this unique plan. Here’s what we know about the plan:
* A minimum of 65 000 people are required to kick start the plan.
* Every active member will earn from monthly donations without recruiting or referring.
* There is a once off donation (from out of pocket) of 0.14 Bitcoins, about $135 at the time of writing this post.
* You will also get paid in bitcoins.
* Payment or Return of Investment will be about 4.12 Bitcoins ($4 000) for the first cycle.
* Payment is set to go up to $12 000 worth of bitcoins when we reach 250 000 members –  every month.
* You can get as many positions as you want. Meaning you can donate as many 0.14 Bitcoins as you can.
* You earn for every position. For example, if you pay for 3 positions, 3 x 0.14 Btc you would earn 3 x $4 000, giving you a total of $12 000 in the first cycle.
* There is no age restriction.
* Payments into UDP were opened on Monday the 26th of December already. Meaning you can start making your 0.14 Btc donation already.
* You may still register for free, but be ready to pay soonest, as the number of people joining is escalating. So you want to be part of the first 65 000 active members.
* The system will close for 2 days whilst payments are being prepared and distributed to members.
* All extra donations received will flow into the system and increase the monthly donations to members.


How Do I Participate and Get Involved In the UDP?

Click Here to Register for the Universal Donation Plan


Here’s a Video Tutorial of Registering into the UDP




Watch the Video Below For a Step-by-Step Tutorial of How To Pay for your UDP Membership



Make your UDP Payment HERE.


What happens if you register late, after the 65 000 number has been reached?

You will form part of the second cycle, the joining fee remains the same. However, members registering after the 300 000 member threshold has been reached will come in at a donation amount about 3x more than the ones who registered before the 300 000.


How do you make and receive a donation?

You can use any wallet to make a donation. However, it is highly recommended that you use Blockchain to receive donations. This is because the other bitcoin wallets don’t allow peer to peer donation programs. Your bitcoins will therefore be frozen or account suspended. If you don’t have a Blockchain account you can open one here. If you don’t know how to open one you can view or download this pdf file which will show you step-by-step how to open a Blockchain account.
For more information about Cryptocurrency and Digital Wallets click here.


UDP and Homeless Project Explained

You will recall earlier I mentioned how Crypto Wealth has grown over the past few months. Additional to the much anticipated UDP is the new Homeless Project. Crypto Wealth was established under the ideal of People Helping People, as also indicated in their logo. As such, Stefan (the founder of CW) has embarked in a big project which is aimed at alleviating poverty to levels that have never been seen before. The grand scheme of this project is to create financial freedom, get decent homes for the homeless, take them to short courses aimed at empowering them on various aspects of life and thereafter they will receive certificates for successful completion.



Here’s How this Works – THE PLAN

This is UDP part 2, if you will. You do not have to participate in this plan, but if you do, you will be highly compensated. Remember the aim is to help millions of people turn their lives around, to make a difference in somebody else’s life. So your efforts will be highly recognized in this regard. Gone are the days when entrepreneurs just had interest in growing their pockets. Now it’s not all about the money anymore, but all about making a difference in our communities.


So how will Crypto Wealth set up all as to bring millions of homeless people into the system? They will use two registration platforms:


Watch this Video from a Webinar for More Info, Conducted by Stefan Himself


Action (As stated on their website)

  • Register for FREE into the UDP, with as many positions you can afford at a once off donation of 0.14 BTC per position. The launch is anticipated between January and February.
  • Payments into the system are already open (since Monday the 26th of December).
  • You may now make a once off donation of 0.14 Btc by following the instructions here.
  • When there are 65 000 registered members and the 0.14 BTC donations per registered member, all is placed into the UDP structure.
  • The button is pressed on launch day and each member will earn $4 000 worth of bitcoins from one position, monthly.
  • As the members grow in the UDP, the donations received by the UDP members will increase to a maximum of $12 000 when 250 000 members are reached.
  • Each member in the UDP will be expected to find between 4 and 10 homeless people from their community. These people will be registered into this website under the sponsors UDP code.
  • So, with the homeless having no money…how will the initial once-off payment be made? Simply as follows:
    • The moment UDP is launched and you, the Sponsor, is allocated your $4000, the system will deduct 0.14 BTC for each of the Homeless members registered on the homeless website under the Sponsor’s code and then register them into the UDP.
    • When this Homeless person is allocated their $4 000, then $1 000 from each Homeless person brought in by the Sponsor, will be paid into the Sponsor’s BLOCKCHAIN account.
    • For this $1 000, Crypto Wealth will ask the Sponsor to take these new Homeless members, clean them up, get them decent clothes, help them get Identification Documents (ID) for whoever doesn’t have, help them get a shelter and make sure they follow the program as stipulated by the Job Creation Foundation.
    • Should the Sponsor help 10 Homeless members, this is the maximum per position in UDP, then the Sponsor will receive $10 000
    • The next month the Sponsor will receive again their commissions of $1 000 per Homeless recruited as well as another $1 000 to house that Homeless person. Once the Homeless person has done his three short courses and received his three certificates, then they are handed over to the Job Creation Foundation established in the country. The Sponsor is now ready to start with a new group of Homeless people and then take them through the steps as well as earn a lot of money.
    • It can be seen that there is no pyramid system because all members earn and constantly we have new Homeless people being brought in which means that the system is fed with new donations all the time.


Useful Tips

* I would advise that if this is something that interests you and you would like to become a member then you want to join as soon as possible seeing that the value of bitcoin has been is escalating recently. The longer you delay the more you are going to have to pay at a later stage.
* Seeing that Crypto Wealth has 4 plans, if you are not a member of plan 1 the amount will be deducted when you get paid from UDP.
* So it goes for Plan 2 (FGXpress) and Plan 3 (Appitravels). So when you receive your donation the system will check which plans you are a member of and also pay the one(s) you are not a member of, moving you from one plan to the next.
* The homeless people that you brought in will follow you into FG and Appitravels as your personals.
* When your personals get paid the system will do the same for same for them and they will fall under you in plan 1, and move with you to FG and Appitravels. At this stage it’s all automatic, you do not have to do anything at this juncture.
* If possible, register into PLAN 1 with 0.045 BTC as soon as possible. You will have a position very high in PLAN 1 and the explosion after the launch of the UDP will see thousands of people come to PLAN 1 and be spill over into the team and fall in under you, provided you are a registered member. If you are not a member yet Learn How To Get Started with Crypto Wealth Step-By-Step.
* In order to maximize your earning potential and take full advantage of this opportunity, form joint ventures with your friends and family members. Have more than one position, if you can afford to pay for 10 positions alone then you will be sorted. That is a total of 1.4Btc, returning $40 000. I am sure you can see how big this picture is. What if you sponsor 5 or 10 people per position earning $1000 from each? Astronomical earnings!!!



Additional Information

* Crypto Wealth is working on its own debit card system. You can use this card at any ATM, clothing store, supermarket, etc.  More information to follow in due time.
* There are professionals who will handle all the Tax, thus making sure that we abide by the rule of law.
* Forensic auditors have also expressed interest in participating in the UDP and helping Crypto Wealth in their People Helping People vision.
* Foundations will be set up in different countries that will be responsible for educating and empowering people.
* More plans to be added next year, 2017, around March, stay tuned.



If you like the idea of helping people then this is your chance to participate, to get involved, and to change other people’s lives. Here’s what Sunday from Nigeria said in one of the Groups on Whatsapp about Crypto Wealth and its vision:


I’ve been doing a log of thinking lately – about investments, of course. Here are some of my random musing:
It does appear to me that Crypto Wealth is here to bridge the yawning gap between our personal and financial life! You don’t get it? Wait for it.
Time was when investing was all about financial returns for a number of individuals and families. But not anymore. Those days are fast disappearing, giving way to a new world of investments.
Today’s investors increasingly want other kinds of returns as well. They want to travel with family and friends to faraway places, collect fine wines and even own the winery. They want to build homes for the homeless. They want to scour galleries for the next up-and-coming artist or style. They want to take action to aid people or areas in need. Perhaps, they want to build a school or a skills acquisition program in a remote village in Africa.
The sheer possibilities of what investors want as returns on their investments are limitless and may be staggering to the intellect. Indeed, investors want to put their money into products and companies they admire., causes they care about and personal passions that bring them joy.
Crypto Wealth is set to take investments to a whole new level. Unknown to a good number of us, we’re being ushered into a world of total financial freedom through the amazing plans and products of Crypto Wealth. God bless the day I found Crypto Wealth. Its creator says that CW is the world’s first fully automated rotating donation social network marketing plan, taking members into three, four, five?, six? etc, plans to earn good money.
Wow! Wow!! I’m just speechless. And all these garnished with the all new digital currency technology (bitcoin). Good thinking, good product. I’m glad to be among those strategically placed to harvest this windfall in investment from the very beginning.
God bless my sponsor (who talked me into this); God bless the founder; and long live Crypto Wealth.

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8 thoughts on “Crypto Wealth Universal Donation Plan and Homeless Review

  1. Congratulations you really do have a wonderful, easy to use, well laid out website. With truthful and instructions that are easy to follow and understand. so hard to find. Well done.

  2. hi there – according to the video above UDP was to be implemented by the second week of January – now that is almost end of the month well almost – do you have an update for us when are we going to actually launch – Thanks

    1. Hi Kader, sure!

      Basically this was just an estimated time. The reality is that it all depends on whether or we hit the target. Right now the target is to reach 21 000 paid members in UDP. UDP will only be launched upon achieving this number.

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