Empowr Review – Is It Legit or Scam

In this review we are going to look at Empowr thoroughly and determine whether or not it’s worth our time. As any other program out there Empowr’s Reviews online are mixed. Some say it’s a scam and others say it’s not. What you will find here are real facts accompanied by relevant proof of my claims. I also want to point out that this review is as transparent as I could possibly make it. You will be in the position to make a decision whether to go with Empowr or not. Read the full review below.
Name: Empowr

Website: http://www.empowr.com

Price: Free to Join

Who is it for: Beginner to Expert

Membership Type: Free

Owner(s): Brandie Williams
empowr review


What is Empowr?

Empowr is social platform just like Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms. However, what sets Empowr from the rest of the pack is that whilst the other sites focus on the social side of things Empowr focuses on the financial side of things. They pay you for doing things you are already doing on Facebook. Posting pictures, videos, status, earn you money in Empowr.
There are several other different ways to earn such as blogging, advertising on the platform and selling your products and services in the marketplace. Over and above this you get paid when somebody else shares or likes what you posted. This enables your post to go viral because it will be seen by the person who like your post’s friends, so it grows like that. Here’s the video introduction of Empowr.


How Does Empowr Work?

You will get paid an X amount of money per day for merely posting. It is not clear as to how much each post cost but you do get paid each day, for additional things you also do in empowr. They have different features from which you earn and to which you pay. Yes you will also pay either through your credit card or PayPal account what’s called ad platform fees. There are ways to go around paying your ad platform fees and staying optimized. Let’s explore these features individually shall we?


Circle of Trust

Circle of trust is the driving force between Empowr’s citizens. They build circles of trust to help one another earn. This is called closing loops. The longer we close loops with each other the stronger the trust. You have your “People I trust” tab where you get to place the 25 most trusted people. You do this manually. So these are the people that you have built trust with the longest, the people that frequent your posts at least once a day to like, comment and share them. This is of course a reciprocal relationship, meaning you do the same for them. The more people you have liking, sharing and commenting on your stuff the more you earn. Reciprocity plays a major role in this regard. Here’s the circle of trust explained in greater detail below.



Optimization allows you to earn the most you can for the level you are in. When you are optimized for earning it means your affairs are in order. In the past you were required to pay ad platform fees in order to stay optimized. However, this was a huge problem as not everybody can afford a high amount of ad platform fees that are usually charged to this effect. So as a result Empowr came up with a solution, a third a fourth option. To stay optimized and pay later.
This means you would stay optimized and earn as much as you can for on your power level but then pay the fees later. This feature is called Stay Optimized Pay Later (also recently known as the Gold daily earnings). This is a more realistic option.
Before the introduction of the Stay Optimized and Pay Later option these are the only options you only had to pay your ad platform fees. This is just an example of my own ad platform fees at the time of writing this post.
empowr review
With the introduction of the new system you will not pay any fees until your funds are matured and you are ready to cash out. So you would see the image below, if you are subscribe to this feature. This feature enables you to keep your earnings optimized and earn to the maximum capacity afforded by the system.
stay optimized and pay later


Here’s a brief explanation of the above examples.


How Long Until I Cash Out In Empowr?

In Empowr you get 3 options of cashing out. Namely: Matured Cash Outs, Accelerated Matured Cash Outs (AMCO) and Early Cash Outs. Watch this video on introduction to cashing out.


Matured Cash Outs

When you first join Empowr you are expected to “cultivate’ or grow your earnings for 3 months. Your cash grows in the back office but you cannot cash out at this stage until 90 days have passed. It also highly unlikely that you will get paid immediately after 90 days. There are a lot of dynamics and factors that one has to take note of here. In essence 90 days is just to give you a guideline as far as how Empowr works and how long funds take to mature, throughout its lifespan. After 6 months or so you should be able to cash out almost every month, right? Wrong. Although it takes 3 months for the initial funds to mature certain things can hinder your available cash outs.
If you were active in the marketplace, bidding and buying products or services this will tend to stall your physical cashouts. This is due to the fact that in the marketplace you use the funds that are most matured first. So you will find that all the funds you would be able to cash out this month for example, were used to purchase products in the marketplace. Let’s say you placed a bid but didn’t win your funds will be returned, labeled as “Returned Bids” however you will not have access to these funds immediately. You must for these funds to also mature in the back office. So the trick here is to bid as low as possible so it doesn’t affect your daily earnings and your ability to cash out at the end of the day.
Another reason for maturation taking 90 days is for economic reasons. Empowr is like a community with a marketplace, people bidding and buying. You need to have money to place a bid and purchase certain products. So this enables you to be able to trade and butter, just like in any economy. So the 90 days allows the economy of Empowr to grow also, as opposed to just getting paid immediately and not have funds to trade with in the marketplace. Why Maturation? Find out below.

It is not all dark and gloomy, well not anymore 😉 Now you get to earn accelerated cash outs. This is called an AMCO, also known as Accelerated Matured Cash Outs. Watch the video below for more information on matured cash outs.


My Earning Stats as of 18 October 2016

As you can see the above image, the maturation dates are different. You can also see the Pending amount of $1 094.15. These are my earnings from the marketplace.


Accelerated Matured Cash Outs

Empowr recently introduced what’s called Accelerated Matured Cash Outs (AMCO) to provide early earnings to its citizens. This came as a result of the gap that existed between cashing out your matured earnings and the waiting period. Lots of people going to Empowr are looking for a way to make money online, so it doesn’t serve them having to wait more than 6 months before you hit that cashout.
So as a result the Empowr leadership created AMCO to help speed up the process. AMCO is the money that would have matured later on, say a month or so, and this money is now pushed forward for you to cash out. However, you will not get it without work. There is some work you will have to do in order for you to qualify to earn your AMCO. They have implemented what’s called Daily Goals. So in order for you to get your AMCO you will have to hit these daily goals. If you only hit one daily goal for the month then you will only get an AMCO x 1. However, if you hit your daily goals every day for the whole month then you will get an AMCO x 30. That is substantial.
So the more you hit your daily goals the more AMCO you get. If you hit your goals 5 times this month, then your AMCO will be 5x higher than a person who only hit it 2x, and so on and so forth. Seeing that hitting your daily goal is hard work, takes long, there are means and ways to hit them quicker.  To achieve your daily goals you are required to List at least one item or product for sale, Share or Like X amount posts, Post X amount of photos/videos/status/etc, and lastly you have to bid X amount of times. The number of times you have to bid, post and share depends on your power level, It’s not standard for everyone. This is how achieved daily goals looks like:
The counter displays the number of times you hit your daily goals.


Early Cash Outs

Unlike Matured cash out and Accelerated Matured Cash Out, Early Cash Out works differently. You don’t have to hit daily goals, or wait for your money to mature, this becomes available to cash out immediately from time to time depending on your account activities. You will also earn from Surge Alerts and that will also be pushed to your early cashouts, and other activities determined by the system.
However, Early Cashouts are really meant as a gesture more than anything else. They are not that much, you can earn anything from $1 or less to $50 or more. This also depends on your power level etc. Here’s an example of my Early Cash Out Below. Again this I can withdraw immediately.
This is how my October one currently looks like. You can also that I have only hit my daily goals 4 times this month…so far. You can also see the corresponding values I need to do in order to hit the first part of my goals. You don’t have to do the other part if you don’t want to. You will still get paid for hitting the first part. You will two bars per line. The first set of bars is what you have to hit for your goal to count, the second set of bars are just a bonus. Obviously the more you hit the better.
is Empowr a scam


Proof of Payment

Below is my payment from Empowr. For more proof click here.


empowr proof of payment






AD Platform Fees

This is what frustrates a lot of people who end up calling Empowr a scam. In essence any post you make on Empowr is seen as an Ad. So whatever post you put on your time counts as an ad, it’s like you are advertising. So therefore these fees are incurred due to that. You will not be able to cash out your Matured Cash Out without having paid these ad platform fees. However, you will still get your AMCO and Early Cash Out it’s just that you will not get your MCO if you are owing fees.
You can pay these fees either with your credit card, paypal, or wait till your funds are fully matured then you can use them to pay, before you can cashout. This is part of Ad Credits. Watch the video below for more information on Ads.


More Features

There are a lot more features in Empowr to write a month long article. You will learn about ads, how to make money with other people’s ads, blogs and how to place ads next to blogs, power users, how to power up, marketplace – listing products, bidding and buying, sponsoring other people’s products, success coaches, etc. All these features Empowr makes it a point to strategically teach you through videos that they incentivize you to watch through what’s called Surge Earnings. Or you can access these videos on your own whenever you want.



Empwr is an awesome opportunity with so much potential. However, you have to learn as much as you can to optimize your earnings. Keeping in touch with your success coach will accelerate your learning in this process as they tend to give you more info and insight into how things work and tips to go about certain tasks efficiently. It is easy to feel confused by certain concepts and certain things that you are earning for, and what other thing you can do to take advantage of the system etc. A success coach comes in handy in this regard.
Some things you don’t have to ask your success coach even, you just have to watch the video training provided by Empowr.
NOTE: To avoid deductions associated with platform fees and marketplace purchases charged on your credit card you will find it very useful to unprotect or not validate your account until later. This is what makes people call Empowr a scam because they see money being deducted from their PayPal accounts and Credit Cards without knowing why. 
Watch the video below that will show you how to invalidate or unprotect your account to avoid charges from Empowr. That’s it. You do this then you will never have problems with money disappearing in your account.

Empowr requires hours and hours of work during the day however it is an awesome platform if you know how to use it and what you are doing. It takes long if you try to earn the most from it. Closing loops takes time. But it’s worth it. Learn more and you’ll enjoy your stay, also IF you take precautionary measures to avoid accidental charges you didn’t anticipate.
I hope this post was not only long but that it was also useful and has helped you understand Empowr a little better than you did before you started reading. If you liked the post please share it with your friends.



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13 thoughts on “Empowr Review – Is It Legit or Scam

  1. Empowr is a tremendous worldwide scam ! They bring in thousands of people worldwide every week like me who spend anywhere from $ 50 to $ 2000 ( $ 1500 in my case ) before they realize that they have been taken . You add your credit card or paypal account to pay platform fees monthly and bid in their marketplace . They pay you for posting , referring others and you can sell your items in the marketplace . All the money from everywhere goes into your ” funny money ” account which you will never see . Less than 1 % will ever make any serious money here . I spent 11 months there and had over $ 32K in funny money when they deleted my account because I was speaking out against them to others . Everyone is led to believe that after 90 days your money will mature and you will be able to cash out . THERE BUSINESS PLAN WORKS FOR THEM AS LONG AS THEY GET THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE WORLDWIDE TO LEAVE BETWEEN 90 DAYS AND 6 MONTHS . THESE PEOPLE LEAVE BEHIND A LOT OF MONEY AND OF COURSE THE BALANCE IN THEIR ” FUNNY MONEY ” ACCOUNT . IF YOU ARE ABLE TO SELL YOUR ITEMS IN THE MARKETPLACE , YOU NEVER SEE ANY OF THE MONEY , BUT YOU MUST SHIP THE ITEM TO THE BUYER AT YOUR EXPENSE . MASSIVE SCAM HERE ! NEED TO BE SHUT DOWN !

    1. Hi John. What I have found is that many people don’t really understand how Empowr works, and as a result they get frustrated when certain things happen, Especially if it has to do with their credit card or PayPal account. The video above to explains how you can delink your credit card or PayPal account. You can even go to your settings and disable this, this will give you a peace of mind knowing that your credit card is not gonna be debited whatsoever.

      Another thing that you might find helpful is that you can immediately request a refund of the money debited in your back office and they will do so without any hassles. Or you can also query it via PayPal and you’ll get your money back.

      I do, however, agree with you on the shipping part. You only get the money once the buyer has received the item, and Mark the item as “item received”. This may be a slight inconvenience when because you use your own money to ship. Perhaps they will work on improving this feature

  2. Hi would you mind letting me know which hosting company you’re using? I’ve loaded your blog in 3 different browsers and I must say this blog loads a lot quicker then most. Can you recommend a good web hosting provider at a reasonable price? Cheers, I appreciate it!

    1. Hi Jesse

      I use Hostgator.com. However, although the hosting company certainly plays a role in contributing to your website speed it is not the only contributor to ultimate overall speed. Other variables such as plugins, certain media files play a huge role in speeding or slowing your site speed. So you want to be mindful of this fact. Hope this helps. You can go a site like fiverr.com and hire a professional web designer for $5 to have them look at your site speed etc, if you are not a techy.

  3. Hi Vinimbhata, you seem to have made quite a buck using the empowr app. Fabulous! Thanks for the wonderful feedback, and self explanatory stuff. It certainly helps.
    I also have an empowr account, and have been using it since September of 2016. Now I haven’t received any AMCO or matured cash outs, for obvious reasons. That apart I need to know if I can make some money by simply posting and liking other citizens’ posts. Also once I reach my red power level, will I be able to start withdrawing my profits (considering that I’ve paid all fees, ad credits incurred).
    Basically how long do you feel I will able to start withdrawing my profits(I’m at Blue star, 2nd level).

  4. Hello
    Greetings to you.
    It is funny to read the complaints of some falks here about Empowr.
    Most People never own up their mistakes.All they do is blaming others for their own. problems
    I was also charged some money from my PayPal account.But it was my own problem,not theirs.I should have read their rules and learn to play by the rules.
    Now ,i am on my 10th month on the Great Platform enjoying it every single day.I know what drives the founding Mothers and Fathers.I am also here contribute to their Mission-To Uplift Humanity and I will stay here for the rest of my life.
    If you are on Empowr for a ” Get Rich Quick” kind of think,then LEAVE us Now.It is Not for YOU !!

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