Forex Paradise F.A.Q

The following are the FAQs as they appear on the My 24 Hour Income Website. I put them here for your convenience.


How can I invest with Forex Paradise LTD?

To make an investment you must first become a memberof Forex Paradise LTD. Once you are signed up, you can make your first deposit. All deposits must be made through the Members Area. You can login using the member username and password you created during signup.

How do I open my account in Forex Paradise LTD?

It’s quite easy and won’t take more than 1 minute. Follow this link to sign up, fill in the registration form and then press ‘Register’. Please remember to write down your password and PIN code.

Can I open several accounts in your program?

Yes, you can open several accounts in Forex Paradise LTD. for your friends and family using the same computer and the same IP address but different emails.




Which PAYMENT METHODS do you accept?

We accept investment with the following payment options:
1. Perfect Money (USD, EUR)
2. Bitcoin
3. Payeer (USD, EUR)
4. Skrill (USD, EUR)
5. Neteller (USD, EUR)
6. Payza (USD, EUR)
7. AdvCash (USD, EUR)


Perfect Money, Payeer, AdvCash – 25 USD or 25 EUR
Bitcoin – 0.1 BTC
Skrill, Neteller, Payza, OKPAY – 100 USD or 100 EUR 



There is no need to worry. Suppose you have made a deposit of 0.1646 Bitcoins which costed $37.30. Accruals will not depend on BTC/USD rate, your profit will be exactly 0.4% daily of the invested BTC amount.
Suppose, now, this amount looks like $43.61 of total deposits. The amount which is displayed inside your account is just a USD equivalent calculated on the basis of the most current BTC/USD rate. Please note that this BTC/USD rate will not influence your profit which is calculated directly in BTC.

Is it possible to transfer my active deposit from my current investment plan to another?

Yes, this option is available for certain plans. Please read their description carefully before investing. If the plan you have selected allows for transfer of deposit, please contact the Customer Support service.
To transfer an active deposit to a different investment plan, please go to ‘History’ section, ‘Deposits’ page. Select a deposit that you would like to transfer, then select investment plan to which you wish to transfer this deposit, then click ‘Submit Query’ button. The transfer form can be found under the active deposit. If you want to merge few active deposits into one, please contact our Customer Support service.

Can I lose part of my funds in case when I make a deposit in BTC and then the BTC exchange rate changes?

Profit accruals for your BTC deposit are made according to conditions of the selected investment plan and do not correlate with current BTC/USD exchange rates. Each investment plan has fixed interest rates for BTC deposits. This means you will not lose any of your millibitcoins when BTC exchange rate changes. 

My deposit hasn’t appeared in the list of my active investments. What should I do?

Please make sure that your e-currency payment has been processed. If you made a deposit in Perfect Money and it was not credited to your account within 15 minutes, please send us a message here with the following information: your username, batch of transfer and desired investment plan.
BitCoin deposits will be accepted by script automatically, when the total of node confirmations = 5. Usually it takes 10-60 minutes and in rare cases can take up to 48 hours.

I think I should have already received my daily accruals, but I still got nothing. Why?

Most probably, you have made your deposit on Saturday or Sunday. Then you will get accruals till the end of Monday. Similar situation may occur if it is your first accrual for this deposit. In situations of massive deposit influx our system puts in queue first accruals which anyway are to be made until the end of the day. All further accruals will be made on time.





What is the minimum amount allowed for withdrawal?

Perfect Money, Payeer, OKPAY – 0.01 USD or 0.01 EUR
Bitcoin – 0.001 BTC
Skrill, Neteller – 5 USD or 5 EUR
Payza – 2 USD or 2 EUR
AdvCash – 0.1 USD or 0.1 EUR 

Is it possible to make a deposit using one payment method and then withdraw my earnings using another?

Yes, it is possible, but it depends on the investment plan. Please read the description of the investment plans carefully. 

Can I withdraw my active deposit before the expiry of the investment period?

It is impossible to withdraw an active deposit before its maturity, as it is locked by the system. However, you can transfer your deposit to another investment plan provided that your current plan allows deposit transfer. 

After I make a withdrawal request, when will the funds be available on my e-currency account?

Normally withdrawals are processed 5 days a week within 12-48 hours after we receive the request. 

I have $ XX on my account balance. I tried to withdraw this amount and got this message: ‘Unfortunately, you don’t have enough funds in your account. Please, try requesting this amount minus 1 cent or lesser amount’. Why did that happen?

Suppose you have $100 on your account balance and you cannot withdraw it. Most probably our system credited $99.99 to your balance but it was rounded to $100. The next accrual will make up for this lost 1 cent and you will get money with 1 extra cent. Naturally you don’t have to wait next accrual, so try requesting this amount minus 1 cent (e.g. $99.99).



Affiliate program


How can I become your agent (representative) and earn over 22% of referral commission?

To become one of our agents you should comply with the following condition:
The total amount of your deposits and deposits of your referrals should be no less than $200. If you already meet this requirement, please fill out the form on the Representatives page. Monitoring services and promoters can become agents, too, provided that the total amount of their personal deposits exceeds $200. Note that money provided by Forex Paradise Ltd. for monitoring purposes is not considered as a personal deposit. 

Am I allowed to withdraw referral commissions if I did not make any deposits?

Yes, Forex Paradise company does not require having active deposits to withdraw referral commissions and to build personal affiliate structure.





I found a website that looks exactly like yours. Can I trust it?

You can access our website through our officially registered domain names: (main domain)
All other domain names do not belong to Forex Paradise company and by no means are affiliated with it. Please do not enter your login information there as it may lead to loss of your account. Remember that such sites may represent threat to safety of your account and of your PC/tablet/smartphone.


I can’t find the answer to my question here. What should i do?

You can always send us a message using the contact form and we will reply within 24 hrs.


You can access these FAQs directly from the Fort Ad Pays site here.


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