Fort Ad Pays F.A.Q

The following are the FAQs as they appear on the Fort Ad Pays Website. I put them here for your convenience.




1 What is Fort Ad Pays?

Fort Ad Pays is an online marketing platform where our members can promote their referral links for other businesses, products or services. We also offer a shared commission by purchasing packs of shared commission.


2 What members receive for each pack of shared gain ?

Members receive credits to promote your business for each pack of shared commission they acquire. They can also use credits to promote your business or referral links in our directory ad ad PTC. The directory ad is seen by all members with our feature “surf”.


3 Can members buy other advertising on our platform?

Members can buy Login Ads, Banners PPC, PTC ads, text ads and banners through our listings in your members area.


4 How much does each of the packs of shared gain?

The packs cost $ 10. 100% of shared commission goes to the balance in cash.


5 Can members have multiple accounts, refer yourself or family?

Members can not have multiple accounts or refer to themselves. Yes they can refer friends and earn commissions from the same IP address.


6 What if I can not get into my account?

If you have forgotten the details to enter the account you can order them through the member login page.


7 We are an investment opportunity?

No. We are not an investment opportunity as indicated in our terms and conditions. You.’re Buying advertising credits packs in our company, offering a legitimate product advertising, with which you can redirect traffic to your website with referral link.

Moreover it can also be shared commission, but note that it will always depend on company sales.


8 Who owns Fort Ad Pays?

Fort Ad Pays is owned by Pedro Fort Berbel, Fort Ad Pays Inc., Company No. 3371, NIT 1,049,734, 58 River Bank, Roseau (Commonwealth of Dominica)

To make a bill payment of commissions, you can put in sender:

Fort Ad Pays Inc.

NIT 1049734

58 River Bank

Roseau (Commonwealth of Dominica)


9 Fort Ad Pays is a global opportunity?

Yes, we are a global opportunity. You can use any of the payment processors that offer to purchase the products of the company.


10 Where can members find your referral link?

The referral link Fort Ad Pays you can find it in the main area along with a variety of banners in promotions section located in the same place.


11 You must have a sponsor for profit?

No. Members are not required to have a sponsor for shared commission.


12 Can a Free member to withdraw money?

If, free members can earn commissions and withdraw their benefits.


13 What payment processors accept?

We currently use CoinPayments (bitcoins), AdvanceCash and to deposit Payza Payza and CoinPayments and to remove.


14 Is there a fee for buying advertising?

Do not.


15 What is the minimum and maximum retirement retirement?

The minimum withdrawal is $ 50 and the maximum withdrawal is $ 2000 every 14 days on Mondays.


16 How long will it take to pay the company?

The terms and conditions say the company has between 24 hours and 7 working days, except excepeciones, but pays as quickly as possible.


17 Can members pool their balances?

Yes. Members can pool their cash balance and repurchase packs to buy advertising. Remember that you are buying advertising.


18 Is there an automatic repurchase?

No, members must buy back manually.


19 How are added and automatically confirm ads?

No, we check all the ads and checked within 24 hours from Monday to Friday.


20 How I can see the ads and be qualified?

You have to enter the members area and click icons Surf in section view ads on the top of the menu.


21 Do you see ads for members shared commissions?

Yes, members must enter their account and see their 8 advertisements every 24 hours for shared commissions.


22 How do members know who have successfully seen the ads?

Once the member clicks on the banner at the part where you can see the ads will be redirected to a new page where you have a countdown of 10 seconds. You will have to wait for 0 to see a message indicating that it has finished viewing the ad correctly.

Then you can return to your member area and see the accountant to be qualified is green and 24h. You can return to see the 8 advertisements when you want to be qualified 24 hours.


23 Do you have problems with your accountant?

To reset the counter daily, you have to see 8 advertisements of 10 seconds each day. Then you will indicate that it is complete and you will be rated by 24 hours more.


24 Do you have any trouble seeing the counter 10 seconds?

If you do not see the counter, first refresh the page and try again. If you do not succeed try another browser.

If after trying all this still can not see it, please contact us with your account details so we can check your problem.


25 How I can use the credits I have bought?

To put the ads you have to go to ads and then to the section Business Directory. Here you can add, edit, suspend and delete your ads.


26 How the shared commissions distributed?

The shared commissions are distributed every 30 minutes between all members who have “packs” and are qualified. The company does not guarantee any return to any position having yet qualified. These benefits depend on the income of the company.


27 Can members get shared commission without seeing 8 ads?

Members can acquire that enable them vacation plans to be qualified without seeing any ads.


28 What happens if you forget see 8 advertisements daily?

Those who are not qualified members may not receive while they are not qualified shared commission.


29 Is automatic sharing commission?

The shared commission is automatic for members who have purchased their holiday packs only. The other members will see 8 advertisements to qualify the next 24 hours and receive the shared commission.


30 Do we share advertising sales with the members?

If we share more than 80% of advertising sales with qualified members.


31 How long does it take to expire a package of shared commission?

The timeout packs current advertising is up 130% in commissions. We are not authorized to promise any commission at any time.


32 When I can withdraw money?

You can withdraw Monday from every 14 days Madrid time.


33 Can I advertise what you want in Fort Ad Pays?

Our intention is to provide a safe place ads for both advertisers and consumers. The following types of ads / websites are prohibited: defined as illegal by US law investments. illegal pyramids defined as illegal under US law. Drogras and / or other derivatives, discriminatory practices, hatred, violence, illegal drug sales sites, pornography, fraud of any kind, false advertisements and any kind of illegal practice.


34 I have no business to promote, can I earn money in Fort Ad Pays?

Yes, we share the benefits of the company.

For example: You can start now buying 10 packs of advertising for $ 100. Once acquired just see 8 advertisements to be qualified and start getting shared commission with which you can enjoy up to 130% of commissions from the purchase of advertising pack.


35 Can I get a refund?

Returns are not allowed according to our terms and conditions.


36 Is Fort Ad legal Pays?

Yes, it is legal. Fort Ad Pays are paying commissions purchases advertising on our system, so that money is real. It is a traditional business where you receive commissions for selling advertising. The money from your account is real.


37 Do I have to pay taxes on my benefits?

Each of the members of Fort Ad Pays is responsible for any taxes you have to pay for the benefits of Fort Ad Pays according to the laws in your country of residence. Fort Ad Pays has no responsibility to provide tax information to its members.


38 Is Fort Ad Pays Matrix, HYIP, Auto-surfing, rather than investment or Ponzi?

Do not! We sell advertising services, no “returns”. We share the commission with those who actively do click on our ads with a maximum, but we do not guarantee any profit per day, week, month or year. We also guarantee you’re going to get the maximum benefit from each pack because we do not know how it will behave sales of the company, they depend on global billing and commissions.


39 What it is the service for which we are paying?

It depends on what you need. You can choose from:

Advertising directories

PPC Banners

PTC ads

Banner ads

Text Ads

Pop-up ads (ads login)


40 How do I change my time to be qualified?

You can see the ads at any time of the day. Every time you see ads reestableces counter 8 to 24 hours.


41 Can I be a sponsor for greater profit?

Of course, we have one of the best compensation plans (plus a big bonus if you are a big seller).

Enter your virtual office and get your link to promote it. You can get commissions from 14% to 10 levels of all purchases and repurchases of your team!


42 am ruined, I can be a free member? ¿I can sponsor?

Yes, you can start as a free member and get commissions from 14% in 10 levels of each of your referrals purchases. You can refer people to use advertising services Fort Ad Pays.


43 My earnings appear to be variable or slow (earned over the previous days). Why does this happen?

Remember, this is a page of shared legal commission, which means that commissions from selling advertising among all users who are qualified are distributed. Sales may vary and produce more or less fees than other days. To increase your “packs” you should recommend our service to everyone.

The greater the greater will be the sales commission you will receive. You can contact other leaders from other websites or businesses and charge fees packs purchases they make.


44 Is there a limit buying packs?

Maximum 5000 packs of 10 usd.


45 What is the minimum withdrawal amount and the minimum deposit amount?

The minimum deposit amount is $ 10 and the minimum withdrawal amount is $ 50.


46 Why Ad Pays Fort grounds may suspend my account?

1.For chain have multiple accounts and transactions fraudulent / suspicious / illegal between accounts with the same IP to charge fees. 2. For hacking or attempt to hack other accounts. 3. By tricking the company through public tickets posing as the victim of a theft of account, balance transfer, etc 4.For defame the company on social networks, chats, websites or public forums.


47 When is it open to send support tickets?

Monday to Friday


You can access these directly from the Fort Ad Pays site here.


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Fort Ad Pays frequently asked questions

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