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Welcome to my review about the revenue sharing company called Fort Ad Pays. I suggest you read through this comprehensive review about the company so you can make an informed a decision as to whether or not this program is good for you.
Name: Fort Ad Pays


Price: Free to Join

Who is it for: Beginner to Expert

Owner(s):Pedro Fort Berbel. EA Fort Group (Costa Rica)


Who is the Owner of Fort Ad Pays?

“Fort Ad Pays” is owned by Pedro Fort, which is a part of or subset of the Fort Marketing Group, (located in Florida, USA) with companies in various countries such as USA, Colombia, Panama and Costa Rica.
The Fort Marketing Group also deals with the following in an upward trend :

  • Online Advertising
  • Raw Material
  • Property
  • Sports betting company
  • Online Shops
  • Manufacture and development of own products
  • ISO Certifications


Please note, both the owner, Pedro Fort and the administrator, Josep ¡ngel ColomÈs, are Spanish, which is why the website is in Spanish but you are able to switch to English by clicking the second flag at the top of dashboard when you login.
Fort Ad Pays is experiencing a huge amount of expansion, currently it is available in a lot of countries such as Mexico, Dominican Republic, USA, Cameroon, Colombia, Peru, France, UK, Germany, Italy, Algeria, Morocco, Panama, South Africa, Nigeria and so on.


What is Fort Ad Pays?

Fort Ad Pays is a revenue sharing company that sells ad space by providing traffic to your website, products and services. It is basically an advertising platform where advertisers pay to have their websites shown on the site and also get to share revenue made on the site with the active members. Fort Ad Pays was launched on Nov 11th 2014,
As of 13/09/16  Fort Ad Pays has over 275 000 members
Already paid out $16 884 324.67 (as of 13/09/16)
Commissions paid out $27 782 248.04 (as of 13/09/16)


How Does Fort Ad Pays Work?

It’s easy to earn money with Fort Ad Pays. All you have to do is buy ad packs, view 10 ads a day, then get paid.
Fort Ad Pays is one of the most stable and reliable advertising and revenue sharing programmes currently available. They sell a range of advertising packages to members, who in return get a share of revenue from the sales paid every half hour. Below are some of the packages they sell

  •  Login Ads
  • PPC (Pay-Per-Click)
  • Banners
  • PTC (Pay-To-Click) Advertisements
  • Text Ads and Banners Ads


How can I make money with Fort Ad Pays?

Company Compensation Plan:
When you purchase a revenue sharing ad pack for $10 it will mature at $13. That’s a 130% ROI and you will receive 50 advertising credits with each and every pack to advertise your own business or product. As stated above, Fort Ad Pays recently changed their payment plan. The new plan is 130% ROI.
The payment processors are Payza, CoinPayments and Advanced Cash. What’s fantastic about this is the fact that PayPal is not on the list of payment processors. It recently terminated its support for revenue sharing programs and this didn’t happen without major damage. PayPal froze various accounts of revenue sharing programs leaving the sites without money to pay to their members and therefore collapsing as a result. But this is not the case with Fort Ad Pays, it’s been paying its members well and smooth since the beginning.
The daily earning cap is between 0.5% and 2%, depending on the sales. This is not a lot but Fort Ad Pays is was built to last and experience has taught us that the higher the return per day the more risky it becomes, in terms of sustainability. This amount ensures that the company is able to fulfill its obligations to the clients and that it’s around even years to come. Programs with big returns per day do not last past 6 months, because the company runs out of funds and then people stop joining, etc etc.
The revenue is shared once every 30 minutes and to be qualified, you only need to buy ad packs and click 8 ads every 24 hours.
Also 50% of the revenue earned goes to cash balance which you can withdraw immediately and 50% goes to re-purchase balance to ensure longevity of the programme. This is the best principle to apply for long term rev shares.


The Referral Program

Apart from the pay plan, Fort Ad Pays has an a fantastic referral program.
You are not obliged to recruit other people into the program in order for you to earn when the revenue is shared, but if you know how to advertise and how to recruit and build a team you will make a lot of referral commissions in this program. This will catapult your earnings to the next level.
You earn up to 21% in commissions and the commissions are paid on 10 levels.
Referral commissions are 21% and 10 levels deep.
Maximum withdrawal is $500 per day. Meaning you can withdraw anything from $10 to $500 any time of the day. This is amazing. If you have the correct strategy you can work this program and earn yourself and your family a handsome income in the comfort of your own home.
Subscription Fee
In the interest of keeping the company sustainable for long term and ensuring that every member is paid on time everytime Fort Ad Pays has introduced a subscription fee. This fee will obviously be shared with all the active members. Here’s the release from Fort Ad Pays about the new membership and the new improvements done on the site:


Membership: Tomorrow, Sunday, Sept. 4, the FAP membership will be activated, based on a 2% percent on the new active packs of $ 10, as Indicated in the latest release. For example, if a member has 10 active packs of $10 i.e. $100 value of revshare commission, [you] will pay $ 2 for 30 day membership, date from the same process which will be applied every single month. Membership is applicable [to] accounts from $100 worth of new packs.
The FAP membership must be paid With an external funding: CoinPayments, Advcash or Payza.
The client Who has not paid [their] membership before September the 5th, will not be [eligible] to make any withdrawals but they have up to 15 days grace period to setup [their] membership and they will still be Entitled to receive their revshare commissions During That period of grace.
After This date, and if [the client] is not up to date with his membership, [they] will neither be eligible to make withdrawals nor receive commissions shared.
Pending payments : we continue to process payments as Quickly as allowed by the international financial system .
Improvements: we continue our improvements and we are working on new revenue sources to make Fort Ad Pays one of the best advertising platforms in the world. Your Concerns are our priority and we care about prep members’ Ideas That Contribute to the constant and rapid improvement of our business.
However, another news release published on the 13 September says that there are plans of a new ad pack to be introduced on the system, but the date is not known yet. It will have all features that the $10 one already and no membership fee will be required for this new ad pack. Stay tuned for this update, I will post it here as soon as it becomes available. For now you can enjoy the $10 ad pack. It sounds like the transition will be for the better, as membership fees will be devoid. This is good news and it seems like the management is working hard to keep up with the trend in the market and stay afloat as one of the best revenue sharing programs of the day.



  • No recruiting is needed. (You don’t have to if you don’t want to)
  • No Selling.
  • 2% subscription fee of active ad packs.
  • Payment Processors : NO PAYPAL! Only Payza, Advcash and CoinPayments.
  • $10 adpack, member can own an unlimited number of ad packs
  • ROI is 130% (meaning when each $10 adpack reaches $13. When it expires you will have earned $3 extra to your capital).
  • Revenue Share paid every 30 minutes.
  • Referral commissions are 21% and 10 levels deep.
  • 100% commissions goes to cash balance.
  • Only need to click 8 ads daily.
  • 50% of profit earned in revshare goes to cash balance and 50% goes to re-purchase balance.
  • Maximum withdrawal is $500

The below is a screenshot of my account I joined 21st January 2016 and have only invested $60. The idea is to keep compounding and reinvesting to get the highest profit. If you have any questions or need assistance to set up or just more info do not hesitate to connect with me here: and I will assist you.
fort ad pays review
fortadpays review

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There is also the Fort Ad Pays calculator which will give you broader view of how much you stand to profit from your ad packs in Fort Ad Pays. Click Here to download the Fort Ad Pays Calculator.


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  1. My name is James Mason, at this time I been viewings your as since March 14, 2016, I am seeking information on what is my next step moving forward with fortadpays, If someone can contact me in regards to this matter it would be so very greatly appreciated, THANK YOU!

    1. Hi James. I don’t know what is happening with Fort Ad Pays. Others say they are busy with the bank project. I don’t know what’s happening over there. If I do find new information I will update it here accordingly.

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