Fort Ad Pays Ultimate Guide

is fort ad pays a scam?


My Stats With Fort Ad Pays

fort ad pays review

fortadpays review

Current Balance updated on 14 August 2016

Active Ad Packs: 431

Expired Ad Packs: 54

Total Ad Packs: 485

Total Invested: $136

Packs Gain: $377.14

Total Withdrawn: $0


What is Fort Ad Pays?

Fort Ad Pays is a revenue sharing program that pays people for advertising with their platform. It is basically an advertising platform where people buy ad packs to advertise their products and services. It was launched on the 11th of November 2014 and has 673 days to this date (15/09/16).“Fort Ad Pays” is owned by Pedro Fort, and is a part of or subset of the Fort Marketing Group, (located in Florida, USA) with companies in various countries such as USA, Colombia, Panama and Costa Rica.


fort ad pays ultimate guide
So if you have a business and would like to get traffic to your website you would typically come go to Fort Ad Pays and buy traffic from them. However, what is unique with Fort Ad Pays is that they pay you for having bought advertising packs from them. You get paid up to 130% ROI just for buying traffic. So every $100 worth of ad packs would return $130: $100 being your seed money and $30 being your profit.
All you have to do in order to qualify to earn or share in the profits with Fort Ad Pays is to 1. Buy ad packs at a minimum of $10 per ad pack, and 2. view 8 ads every 24 hours. That’s it. You can make a handsome income with FAP due to the fact that you can “compound” your earnings. Meaning you can buy ad packs with your cash balance and get 130% from there, and another, and another. So the moment you reach $10 in your earnings you can buy ad packs again to make another 130%.
You can withdraw a minimum of $10 and a maximum of $500 per day. You are not obliged to recruit but if you are comfortable with recruiting and building a team you can earn 14% commission on each referral to the Fort Ad Pays rev share program. Referrals can catapult your earnings to the next level. If you really want to boost your earnings massively and go big I would suggest getting referrals. If you don’t like recruiting but would still like to get referrals here’s a list of best paid traffic sources to increase referrals and sales. But of course recruiting is not compulsory. You can just buy as many packs as you can and grow your business gradually.
Depending on your financial goals, you can come up with your own amount you’d like to earn a day, from $10 to $500 and work your plan accordingly.


fort ad pays review


Why You Must Join Fort Ad Pays

  • No recruiting is needed. (You don’t have to if you don’t want to)
  • No Selling.
  • 2% subscription fee of active ad packs.
  • Payment Processors : NO PAYPAL! Only Payza, Advcash and CoinPayments.
  • $10 adpack, member can own an unlimited number of ad packs
  • ROI is 130% (meaning when each $10 adpack reaches $13. When it expires you will have earned $3 extra to your capital).
  • Revenue Share paid every 30 minutes.
  • Referral commissions are 14% and 10 levels deep.
  • 100% commissions goes to cash balance.
  • Only need to click 8 ads daily.
  • 50% of profit earned in revshare goes to cash balance and 50% goes to re-purchase balance.
  • Maximum withdrawal is $500
  • Have been online for 673 days (most rev shares don’t last 6 months)
  • You also have an opportunity to buy FAP stocks

Here’s the breakdown of the 14% commission that you earn from your direct referrals, divided in up to 10 levels deep.

Level Percentage
2º – 10º 1%
Total: 14%


You can also earn money visiting PTC Ads (paid to click) in ADVERTISEMENTS > Earn money this allow you to earn outright 0.005 with every click.


Fort Ad Pays’ Career Plan

The company now has just added a Career Plan with 6 levels, started in September 1st, 2015 and are detailed below:

Level Share Earnings Commissions Earnings Referrals Prize
PRE BABY FAPPER $1.000 $500 2 Virtual Medal in Backoffice
BABY FAPPER $5.000 $2.500 5 $250 USD cash
SENIOR FAPPER $20.000 $10.000 20 $500 USD cash y $500 USD repurchase
BIG FAPPER $45.000 $22.500 50 $1.250 USD cash y $1.250 USD repurchase
GENIUS FAPPER $100.000 $50.000 100 Paid trip to visit a Fort Group’s Project
WORLD FAPPER $250.000 $100.000 200 2% Profit Sharing + 2 rings



What Payment Processors Are Accepted in Fort Ad Pays?

They currently use CoinPayments (bitcoins), AdvanceCash and Payza. You would use either one of these payment processors to deposit or withdraw your funds. You can withdraw a minimum of $50 to $500 per account per day. You can have a withdrawal plan, where you can withdraw funds on certain days from the program. How much you earn per day makes a huge difference.


Withdrawal Processing Timeframe

The terms and conditions say the company has between 24 hours and 7 working days, but pays as quickly as possible. You can access this link to view their Frequently Asked Questions.


Join Fort Ad Pays and Earn Money Every 30 Minutes

How to earn money with fort ad pays

Download The 6 Step-By-Step Guide on How To Get Started With Fort Ad Pays and Start Earning Today


Download Fort Ad  Pays Tutorial Presentation Here


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