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my 24 hr income
This My24HourIncome step by step guide tutorial is ideal for beginners, who want to join  Do you know that you can not set up multiple accounts and only one account is allowed per IP address. That means small mistakes may take a long time to rectify. You can also download My24HourIncome step-by-step guide by clicking on the image below.
how to get started with my 24 hour income step by step
In this step by step guide, I will show you how to become a member of My24HourIncome, starting from the beginning: opening an account, purchasing adpacks, configuring your account for revenue sharing, clicking 8 ads a day for RevShare, repurchasing adpack from earning balance, bank verify and finally withdrawing your money.
You can make money with Revenue Sharing programs, there are no skill requirements, anyone can earn money in revenue sharing advertising. Don’t wait to start making money online, while having the freedom to spend with your friends and family.


STEP 1: Account opening

  1. Click here to open an account
  2. Click Join Now
  3. Fill the form carefully, (optional: take the screen capture for the future reference). Click on I agree with the terms and conditions of
  4. Check your email and activate the link.


STEP 2: Login to My24HourIncome Dashboard

        1. Click Login on top right corner
        2. Enter username, password, and captcha. If you have forgotten your password, click “Forget Password” to recover new one.
          my 24 hour income review

        4. If all fields were correctly entered, “Logged in successfully” message will appear. 
          my 24 hour income tutorial

        6. Click “Continue to” will appear, after few second advertisement.
          My24HourIncome Guide

        8. Now you will be taken to my 24 Hour Income dashboard.


STEP 3: How To Deposit Money To My24HourIncome Account

To purchase Adpack(s), you need to deposit money into your account. There are four payment processors you can choose from to deposit funds in My24HourIncome. They are Payza, Perfect Money, Payeer and coin payments.
My24HourIncome Deposit
Here we will discuss two payment processors in detail: payza (it is a preferred method of payment by My24HourIncome) and Coin payments (for Bitcoin or other coins).
Payza: Payza is an intermediate between you and My24HourIncome. To buy Adpacks, you need to deposit money to your Payza account. You can open an account by clicking here with Payza (please keep in safe place all of your passwords, PIN details. PIN is vital to withdraw or transfer money).
As soon as you open and verify your Payza account, you can deposit money. The maximum amount by an unverified member is $500. If you deposit money using a credit card to Payza, it will be instant. Once the account is verified, you can deposit more than $500.
Payza usually charge up to 5% to your deposit amount. That means if you deposited $1000 to your Payza Account using credit/debit card, you will receive only $950 into your account. That is the money you will have to buy adpacks for revenue sharing position. There are other payment options that are available within Payza e.g transfer money using a bank account, Bitcoin. Below figure gives an overview of Payza payment options, charges and duration (when money will be available in Payza account)
my 24 hour income review


Please remember, to withdraw money from your Payza account you must be a verified member. It easy to become verified in Payza. To do that you should provide following documents:

– ID card front and back
– Credit card/ bank statement


Take Note: Name and address MUST be same as in Payza, ID card, and credit card statements. Any differences will cause unnecessary problems and inconveniences.
Once you have money available in your Payza account, you can go ahead and buy adpacks. Please note that there are no charges to buy adpacks from Payza (and other payment processors) to My24hourIncome.
Add funds using Payza

    1. Click “Finance” then “Add Funds”
    2. Enter details as shown in the picture. The minimum amount you can deposit is $10.
      add funds using payza

    4. Click “Submit”
    5. The next window will open with the title “Proceed with payments”, click payza member (if you do not have an account with payza, click “Join Payza & Pay”), enter username and password, click “CONTINUE” button. Please check purchase summary on the right.
      my 24 hour income add funds


The next window will appear (shown below). Select Payza e-wallet for USD payment (Bitcoins option is also available if you have Bitcoin in your Payza account), click “No shipping address is required”, click “CONTINUE”.
my 24 hour income how to add funds
my 24 hour income


    1. Check all details for confirmation. Enter “Transaction PIN no”, click “MAKE PAYMENT”
      my 24 hour income adding funds

    3. Upon completion of your registration you will receive an email to the registered email address from for the confirmation. The message looks like this:”We have successfully received $$10(Payza) from you. Thank you very much. Your step has helped both of us grow. You have so many options to purchase from our site now. Keep rocking!! Drew Burton and Faheem Rajput


Add funds using CoinPayments/Coinbase/Blockchain for Bitcoin 

    1. Click “Finance” then “Add Funds”
    2. Enter details as shown in the picture. The minimum amount you can deposit is $10. Click “Submit”

      My 24 Hour Income add funds

    4. Choose your coin, in below case I choose “Bitcoin”. Enter “Click here”  in order to put in username and password of CoinPayments (if you have an account with them), the available value will show below the “choose your coin”. However if you want to pay using Coinbase or Blockchain, just enter first name, last name and email address. After that click “complete checkout” at the bottom of the page.

      my24hour income view profilecontact-seller2

    6. Next window will appear (shown below), send the exact amount to the shown address (it will be different for you), from your bitcoin wallet such as Blockchain or Coinbase with in 4 hours. It may take a couple of minutes to hours to reach your deposit to My24HourIncome. You will receive an email confirmation from My24HourIncome.

my 24 hour income



STEP 4: How To Buy Adpacks

    1. Click “Finance” and “Purchase Position”
      how to buy ad packs

    3. Click “Purchase” button, which pack you want to buy. Adpack 1, $5, you have maximum 100. Adpack 2, $15, you can have maximum 100. Once you have 100 packs of Adpack 1, you can purchase Adpack 2. If you do not have 100 Adpacks in Adpack 1, you cannot purchase Adpack

my 24 hour income

          3.Current balance (see below picture) will show your available balance. This balance can be used to buy Adpacks. If you have used payment processor – Payza to add funds to My24HourIncome, the transferred amount shall be shown on Payza – “Cash Balance” area. The similar rule will apply for Perfect Money, Payeer, and Coin Payments.


          4. Select payment processor, enter desired quantity in  “Enter the number of shares you wish to purchase”, copy/type the captcha  code, click “agree with the terms and condition”  and “Pay now” button.

my 24 hour income

    5. Once payment is successful, you see a message on the computer screen “Position purchase successfully” . It will be shown above the “Current balance” area.


my 24 hour income

                              6. Go to dashboard, click “View All” in “Plan Earning”, click “Revenue Earning History” tab to see the details about your purchase, earning etc.


my 24 hour income revenue sharing


STEP 5: How To Click 10 Ads

In order to qualify revenue sharing, you must click 8 ads in a day. In order to click 8 ads,

    1. Click “Advertisement” and “Start Surfing”, or click below timer area.

    3. Click any one banner, next window will open.
    4. Repeat process 8 times. You are now qualified for revenue sharing position. Start earning money every hour.


My24HourIncome Withdrawal – How?

This will be updated soon, but for the moment you should take note of the following.
Your account must be verified with payment processors i.e. Payza before you can make a withdrawal. If you have deposited money using Payza to My24HourIncome, you can withdraw money ONLY by Payza. Similarly, if you have deposited money using another payment processor such as Payeer to My24HourIncome, you can withdraw money ONLY by Payeer. The same process will happen for  Perfect Money and Coin Payments.
I do suggest that you make deposits using at least two methods so that there will always be an alternative.
Please note that you cannot withdraw money if payment processor account is not verified. There is no problem to deposit money. To verify account you must provide:
– ID card front and back
– Credit card/ bank statement
Important: Name and address MUST be same with payment processor account, My24HourIncome account, ID card and credit card statements. Any differences will cause unnecessary problems. I highly recommend that you keep your credit card or bank statement when you make any money transfer from your credit card or bank to payment processor´s account. They may ask for it in near future. For example: If you want to order Trust card or debit card from Solid Trust Pay.
There are no charges to transfer money from My24HourIncome to Payza or other payment processors. However, withdraw from payment processors account to your bank account, there are different charges based on payment processors. Please check to your payment processor for withdrawal charges.


The advertising market is huge! By helping each other, we all become winners!!! I wish you best of luck in the RevShare journey!!!





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  2. I have been trying to login to my account but the system keeps on saying my login is not private, I used another phone to login three weeks ago because I waned to submit my KYC info and this one didn’t have data bundles. Please help as I really need to withdraw some money

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