My Paying Ads Strategy and Earnings Calculator

My Paying Ads is a revenue sharing program that allows you to advertise and get paid. So in essence it is an advertising platform that provides quality traffic to your website. The additional feature here is that they pay you for having advertised with them.

They have different plans through which you can advertise but all these plans give a return of 120%. You make your ROI in 2 months. Meaning if you purchase $100 worth of ad packs you will earn $120 Return On Investment within 60 days. Now you have an extra $20 income, plus your original $100 you used to buy ad packs. You can also repurchase ad packs with your earnings to maximize both your earnings plus traffic to your site.

There’s 4 different types of plans as follows: $5 ad packs, $10 ad packs, $25 ad packs and $50 ad packs. All but the last one you can purchase a maximum number of 100 ad packs. On the last plan you can purchase as many ad packs as you want without limits. This is the fun part because you can determine how much you want to earn per day. more on that below.


In order to qualify to earn with My Paying Ads you have to have active ad packs. Additional to that you have to view 10 ads per day. This will enable you to share in the revenue of the site. You will earn between 1.8% to 2% per day on your active ad packs and your earnings will be sent to your earnings balance.If you neglect to view at least 10 ads, although you have active ad packs, you will no t get paid. Or if you only view ads without having any active ad packs, this will not get you paid either. It goes hand in hand. You buy ad packs and view 10 ads a day, then you will get paid. If you forget to view or you skip a day that’s still ok, but you just won’t get paid for that day you skipped.


DISCLAIMER: The purchase of Ad Credit Packs are Non-Refundable as per MPA Terms and Conditions. You are making a purchase of ad credits for use in the Business Directory Listing.



Don’t let the NO Refund policy discourage you. You can make really good money with MPA. If you invest $100 you will get $120 in return. $20 will be your extra income. Here’s how you can ensure you to get the most out of My Paying Ads.



First things first, figure out just how much you’ll need to earn daily or even monthly to make this worth your while. Keep that figure in mind.



Now, buy as many ad packs as you can. (DO NOT spend your bill or grocery money!) Every Ad Pack you purchase entitles you to a portion of the revenue earned, in other words,the MORE Ad Packs or Shares you have – the MORE cash you can earn daily



In the first 3 to 4 weeks, repurchase 100%; total earnings from your cash balances. This will give your account a boost in earnings, especially if you’re in the position to repurchase daily.




After 3 to 4 weeks – You can start to withdraw your “seed money” gradually, about 10% of your daily earnings until you have withdrawn all of the initial money you used to deposit.



Remember that initial target figure? At this point you should repurchase 100% until you can safely withdraw that amount daily, while maintaining your active Ad Packs.


During all of this you would have amassed quite a bit of advertising credits. What should you do with it? You can add another site, additional to the one you are already promoting. If you are not promoting any other site right now I recommend you also join My24HourIncome.
My24HourIncome is also a revenue sharing program just like My Paying Ads and they pay you up to 3.8% per day on every ad pack purchase. My24HourIncome has been online since August 2016, however, the owner has been in the Rev Share Industry and internet marketing for a very long time and is very experienced in this arena. Read more on Fort Ad Pays Review Here.



Step 1 – Purchase as many ad packs as you can, starting with the $5 ad pack plan.

Step 2 – 100% repurchase up to 3-4 weeks

Step 3 – Then withdraw seed money gradually: 90% repurchase : 10% withdraw daily target income… repeat until you’ve made your seed money!


Daily Maximum Withdrawal Amount

You can withdraw a maximum of $200 a day. This gives you leverage to really focus on hitting your goal, whatever it may be. Other people are comfortable with $50, $70 or even $100 a day. So focus on your target and make sure you go for it. This can easily turn into your main source of income if you work it right. If you work it right you can earn more than $4000 a month, although that may take a while depending on the number of ad packs you have. But it’s possible. Come up with your own daily target earnings and go for it.


How Much do I need to earn per day to safely withdraw $200 daily without affecting my earnings?  Look at the earnings calculator below.


NB: For demonstration purposes ONLY. Not guaranteed accurate. Maximum daily withdrawal is $200/day.



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