About Me


I started my online career in 2011 through a random email I had received with the subject that read: how to make money online. The email was about affiliate marketing and how to make money with other people’s products. I remember just going for hours upon hours learning about affiliates, the merchant, and the customer and how I, as an affiliate was the middleman between the merchant and the customer. I found it very interesting and the prospects of earning money without having to create my own product, without having to incur postage costs, handling, etc. resonated with me.


This highly fascinated me to say the least. However, this did not go as smoothly as I had anticipated. Like any newbie without proper guideline I immediately got hooked in several “make money online” programs, went from program to program chasing the next shiny object, the golden fish. As you can imagine I soon ran into problems with cash flow. I had more “products” than I had money coming into my bank account. I was a member of several programs but I wasn’t making all the money I had invested. I would make a little here and a little there but in essence I was operating on the minus.


This went on for quite a while – program hopping – until I decided to stop and learn more from my mistakes and learn the basics of this industry. I started taking the principles of online marketing seriously and invested in myself first. This enabled me to develop and make better decisions and have more discipline. You should never stop learning and investing in yourself. It’s a lifelong journey.


It was not until June 2015 when I came across a revenue sharing site called My Paying Ads that I started making money online. This was a big turning point in my life as it opened doors to other opportunities. I started being a little wiser in the programs that I joined and invested in and developed strategies along the way that to ensure my upward earning scale. These strategies I am willing to share with you and have done so in a numerous ways on this blog. 


 It has been a big learning curve but through all that I grew and all those experiences lead me to this moment in time. This is why I decided to put up Simple Passive Income.net, as a way to help make your path a little bit easier so you don’t have to go through all the guess work I went through trying to figure out which programs work and which ones are just hype.


What To Expect

The programs that I discuss here are programs that I am personally a part of, you can see the proof of payments here. You should expect to get transparency and integrity from me so as a result I will continually update the site with programs that work and live up to their promises. I will never share sites that I do not have first hand experience in. The moment any particular program shared here is not performing well or members are not getting paid anymore or anything similar then that program will be removed from my site.


So you can rest assured that whatever program you see here, at any given moment, works and is tried and tested. I will also continue to post and update my proof of payments to serve as evidence and to put you at ease.

I have also provided a pdf document as quick guide to getting started with every program discussed here. This you can download at anytime at the bottom of that specific post or topic, absolutely FREE. This will help expedite the process and show you the action steps to setting up your account so you can be earning in no time.


I will also give out random resources that I use for my business that you can also benefit from. Some of these will be embedded within posts and some of them will be clearly visible throughout the site. So pay attention to every post you go through, I might be hiding some freebie in there.


You can also expect to keep in touch with me and contact me whenever you have any questions or uncertainties etc. My contact details have also been furnished on the sidebar, to your right, for quick access. I will help you wherever I can and I will do my best to help you through your challenges. However, this assistance will ONLY be provided for the programs discussed here. I always go over and beyond to assist my team so it helps to sign up under me because it motivates me to give you the best assistance that I can.


What Not To Expect

As discussed earlier in my background I have seen a lot of people, including myself, losing money over many programs before so for that reason I will not be discussing fake sites, only the companies that I am a member of.


I will NOT be talking about getting rich quick schemes that are only designed to scam you out of your hard earned money at the end of the day. Do not believe the hype, you have to be willing to work, at least in the beginning to earn something substantial. Depending on what you choose to go for in the programs discussed here you will work more or less. As a general rule of thumb, you either trade money or time. If you do not have money to start up or to boost your business you will usually require more time to get it off the ground.


Not not to take responsibility for your actions. You are still responsible to do your own due diligence before joining any program. Make an informed decision and be sure that you like to company’s operating procedures and what it’s all about. Also be sure to follow these companies on social media so as to keep up to date with the activities of the company and to network with like minded individuals.


Finally. I intend to add value to your online experience and share with you everything I can and know in order that you may have the same success that I am also having with these programs. I will do the best that I can to assist you in anyway possible. I wish you all the best in your business endeavors and good health. If you ever encounter any setbacks or challenges you can contact me (your sponsor) HERE and I will personally get back to you.


Make it a great day.

Best Regards