Best Paid Traffic Sources To Increase Referrals and Sales

best traffic sources for your ptc site
Before we begin and before we reveal the best of the best paid traffic sources out there  we will first break down the concept of traffic and how it works and why it is such a big deal to internet marketers and affiliates alike. There are are more than one definitions and meanings for the word traffic, however, for the purpose  of this article we will only focus on online traffic. We will briefly look at the basics of traffic and then get to the meat of what you came here for.


What is Traffic?

The term traffic, in the online world, refers to the people that visit your website or affiliate link. By you coming into this site you have already brought traffic into the site. This is the bloodline of any business, without traffic – people coming into your website or visiting your link – it would be pointless to even have that website. The same as if you didn’t click on my link to visit my website it would be pointless for me to even fill this site with content.  So that is the starting point of any business, getting people to see your offer or to see your content. No matter how good your content is if nobody can see then it’s a waste.


What is Paid Traffic?

Now that you understand what traffic is we will briefly talk about what paid traffic is and how it works. You get two forms of traffic. You get free traffic and you get paid traffic. With free traffic, like the word suggests, you don’t pay anything to get visitors to your link. However, most free traffic sources take time to master and benefit from. Examples of free traffic are search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc), social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc), and Classified sites (Craigslist, Gumtree, etc). There’s more but these are the most popular ways to get free traffic.
Paid traffic is traffic that you spent money in order to have it on your site. Meaning you pay for people to visit your link or website. There are also a lot of them but not not all of them are effective and not all of yield the best results for your money. And some traffic sources work better than the others depending on the type of business you advertising.


Traffic Conversion

You can have a lot of people coming to your website or viewing your offers but if it’s not quality traffic or your offer is not good enough then you will not have great results. Traffic conversion refers to the action that you want your website visitor to take. If you are advertising a PTC site, your “conversion” in this case would be getting a referral from the view. If you are offering an eBook for an email subscription for example, you will have converted your traffic when they put in their email address for the ebook. If you are selling a product and the person viewing the offer turns around buy the offer then you have converted them.
As you can imagine for yourself, getting conversions depend on various things which we won’t dwell on here. But what you have to know when it comes to a good conversion is that your product or offer has to be of perceived value to the potential customer. Together with that is the quality of traffic itself, meaning the referral has to either be looking for your product or at least interested in it.
The paid traffic sources shared here are the best you’ll get out there, you would usually have to subscribe to some email in order to receive an ebook. However, as a reader of consider it to be a gift from me to you. It is important to know not all paid traffic sources work, some are just a waste of money and time and give sloppy results. Now that you understand the basics of traffic let’s begin.

1.  Neobux – They offer Paid To Click advertisement where you pay for every click on your link. Along with with that they also offer fixed advertisement. With fixed advertisement you basically pay to have your link shown to Neobux users for 12 hours. The cost of fixed advertisement is $60 and the average  return on your investment is usually between 70 – 100 leads/referrals/customers, depending on the quality of your link.

2. Clixsense – They offer two types of advertisement, namely: paid-to-click and clixgrid. What I like with Clixsense is that their cost per click is lower than the other sites in comparison, but still quality traffic. Both of these types of advertisements are forced views. Clixgrid tends to be a better option in my experience, however, you can test them both and see which one works out best.

Therefore I would advise that you start with $6 for about 7 days on clixgrid and gauge the results. Or you can choose to go with the fixed paid-to-click option which will also present your link to clixsense users the entire day. Your ad will be shown to thousands of users users for 24 hours. You can expect an ROI of around 40-70 referrals/leads/customers, etc. Once again this will depend on the quality of your link.

Here’s the pricing for Clixsense for 24 hrs:
best paid traffic sources


3.  My Paying Ads – It goes without saying that My Paying Ads (MPA) would form part of this best paid traffic sources for your PTC sites. My Paying Ads is a revenue sharing site that allows you to get paid for advertising. So on top of getting your business out there and possibly getting referrals and making sales you also get paid for advertising with them, up to 120%. Here’s how it works.

Let’s say you want to get direct referrals for your Neobux program. Then you will buy ad packs from MPA and depending on how many you bought you will receive the views according to the amount of ad packs. This will supply traffic to your website, you will possibly get direct referrals and sales to your business – depending on the quality of your ad. But that’s not all. By merely advertising with the site you also qualify to receive a certain percentage per day on the ad packs per day. It’s usually between 1.8% to 2% a day, until you have received 120% Return On Investment.

What I also like about it is that you can buy more ad packs from your earnings, so at the end of the day you will have multiple 120% due to you. You can earn up to $200 a day with MPA, actually more but the maximum you can cash out a day is $200.
Join MyPayingAds here
So here’s your takeaway regarding My Paying Ads: You advertise your business – get referrals, get sales – then get your money back plus twenty percent extra for advertising with MPA. On top of that you can buy more ad packs with your earnings to get more 120% earnings.
Disclaimer: My Paying Ads is a revenue sharing program, an advertising company but it’s NOT an investment company. Your earnings depend on the revenue coming to the site.


Learn more about MyPayingAds Here.


4.  Traffic Monsoon – this site is also good for purchasing quality traffic, but the delivery time/ratio tends to be a bit slow because of huge advertisement requests. But advertisers don’t mind because of the results they get from it. It wasn’t until recently that they started offering forced view also. A lot of advertisers reported increased results with this method. The other more common methods of advertising here are to buy Cas Links, Traffic Exchange, and Massive Traffic. Once again due to quality traffic people usually get from traffic monsoon people don’t mind paying for advertisement even though it’s slightly higher compared to the other sites.


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5.  Udimi – This is one of my favorite sites for paid traffic. Udimi is a solo ad company. They manage a ton of solo ad providers where you can search and get a solo ad seller. With udimi basically you get traffic from emails. Solo ad sellers have a huge email list of subscribers that want to receive niche specific emails from them.
So they send your link to their subscribers. Usually you just have to give them the link and they write the content for you. The pricing here varies from one solo ad provider to the next, but you can get as low as $20 per solo ad. You can sign up to Udimi, search for a solo ad provider. But be sure to read their ratings from other users.

6. AdHits –  AdHitz is quite different from the other sites mentioned above. It is an advertising network where you get to choose which company you would like to advertise with. What’s great about this site is you get to save money on traffic that does not convert, you only pay for impressions on your ads. These impressions are converted into clickthroughs, and that’s all you pay for. You get to save quite a bit with that option.
A word of advice, as you will see a lot of websites on the AdHitz selling traffic, you want to choose the site that generates a lot of hits per day and that has a lot of users as well. Choose the Pay-Per-Click Text Ads as they tend to get a great conversion rate and are not costly either. The clicks are as low as $0,05 per click. The only time you’ll get to pay is when your ad is clicked.
I kept the list to a maximum of 5 so it will be easier for you to pick an ad company you want to take for a spin. Stick to any one of these and you’ll see great results. Just be consistent and soon enough your efforts will pay off.  So eventually, you either spend time on free traffic methods or you spend money to get traffic. All the best in your business endeavors, I wish you lots of referrals.
Do you have any paid traffic source that is currently working for you? Please share with your thoughts below.

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