How To Distinguish a Real PTC Site from a Fake One

This is an all too familiar question and very popular amongst people who are interested in joining PTC sites, to be able to distinguish a real site from a fake one. This doesn’t come without proper research and digging deep.   Also of note is that if you are looking for a way to make […]

Best Paying PTC Sites of All Time

  What is a PTC Site?   PTC or Paid To Click site is a site that enables you to earn money from just clicking ads. These ads are paid for by advertisers into the platform. So basically the PTC site shares some of the revenue with you. The amount usually varies from $0.001 to […]

New PTC Sites That Are Paying In 2016

Although these PTC Sites are fairly new and less than 3 years online it is submitted that they are currently paying and it looks like they might make the list of the Best PTC Sites in a not so distant future. This list of new ptc sites is by no means conclusive, as more and […]