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DRIP Network claims to be the first deflationary daily ROI platform. This information has come with much debate about whether it is true in the crypto world. Hence, in the Drip Network Review, we will clarify every misconception you may have about this network.

DRIP Network is a crypto-based initiative that “operates similarly to a high yield certificate of deposit by paying 1% daily return on investment”. You receive 1% daily after depositing 100 of this token on their DeFi website. You can do it via the FAUCET part of their website, where, after determining your daily earnings, you have two choices:

  • If you choose “Claim,” 1% becomes yours, and you can transfer it to your wallet.
  • If you select “Hydrate,” 1% of your deposit is added. Hence, in summary, this 1% can be compounded by “hydration” to also get up to a 3640% yearly percentage return.

With this juicy information, it is only ideal for simple Passive Income to run a critical review on this network to give our readers factual information before they decide.

Stay updated with the latest information and passively profit from the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

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Brief and Critical Summary

DRIP is a cryptocurrency token that runs on the Binance Smart Chain. The DRIP Faucet is a smart contract that distributes DRIP that has been staked to the agreement at a rate of 1% every day for 365 days. This 365% is earned with each new deposit, and when earnings compound, it is paid out at a rate of 1% every day. Drip was introduced in April of 2021 and has experienced highs of $32 and lows of $6 since then.

Utility of Token/Product

DRIP Network is the most recent project created by Forex Shark, BB, and their crew.

The token of the DRIP Network is DRIP (BEP-20) on the Binance Smart blockchain, which captures value through being scarce, deflationary, and censorship-resistant, as well as being constructed on a reliable, fully decentralized blockchain.

The Drip Network Faucet

The Fountain contract, which can be found directly on the platform’s website under the “swap” tab, is the exchange that is suggested for trading DRIP because it enables us to waive the initial 10% tax on purchases and offers the lowest prices and most significant liquidity, which reduces slippage for larger trades.

Credibility of Project

  • A Community First. 
  • The community is compelling, as anyone can see from the TELEGRAM GROUP. It is delightful, supportive, and devoid of all the factors that make crypto groups nasty (spammers, shills, random bullying, etc.). Solid and dedicated communities contribute a lot of value since their members will always help the project develop and maintain stability.

  • The Development Team, Roadmap, and Vision 
  • The development team clearly understands what they’re doing, as seen in the whitepaper and the ongoing, thorough, and transparent contact with the community. They conducted simulations, studies, and live YouTube interviews to describe the concept and did everything they could to make it as accurate as possible.
  • Lastly, there appears to be a roadmap of lovely things coming shortly, suggesting there may be much more to be excited for.

Stay updated with the latest information and passively profit from the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

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From our extensive research, Simple Passive Income has concluded that joining the DRIP Network is a healthy idea for passive earnings.

Remember that your DRIP deposit (original deposits plus compounded amounts) is locked in place permanently, and you can only claim or take the daily 1% from it. Yet, if you compound every day, you’ll make more than your deposit daily quickly.

However, the most crucial thing is to invest what you can afford to lose. Click on this link to invest and get passive income from DRIP Network

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