How To Distinguish a Real PTC Site from a Fake One

real ptc sites from fake ones

This is an all too familiar question and very popular amongst people who are interested in joining PTC sites, to be able to distinguish a real site from a fake one. This doesn’t come without proper research and digging deep.
Also of note is that if you are looking for a way to make a quick buck, then PTC sites are not for you. It takes time to build and work on, just like any business, but the results are more than worth it. You will soon learn that in order to have something worthwhile you must add value to the marketplace. If you are willing to put effort and build something solid and valuable this will be a very profitable business for you.
People who usually join PTC sites already have something else on the side and are just looking to add another source of income, at least in the beginning. Like I said earlier, you may need to practise a bit of patience in the beginning. So it would be wise for to have another source of income while you are in the process of building this one.
Although it takes a couple of months to really see something coming in there are strategies that you can employ to speed up the process so you can see results a little bit quicker. Most of these strategies are free but some are paid. Refer to these 12 best ways to get direct referrals from neobux.  This will give you a headstart in your endeavour.
Now, upon deciding that you really want to earn money through PTC sites you still have to be sure that the site is worth your time and energy, and whether or not it’s legit. These are the elements you need to be on the lookout for before you delve into work.


1. Become a Member of Sites with a Good Referral Program

This is an important part of growth for every PTC program. A majority of them, if not all of them, have a referral program. So before you join make sure the site has a good referral program and that all the promotional material is easily accessible. On top of that you obviously want to be appeased by the referral commission. Once again, if you are happy with the referral part of the site you will be motivated to get more people to join, thus making more money from referral commissions.
Other PTC sites have multiple levels of referral commission. Clixsense, for example, pays up to 8 levels deep. Although you do have to be an upgraded member to earn that much but it’s still possible. Standard members only earn on one level.
The amazing part about this is that you don’t only get paid when your referral upgrades their membership, but you also get paid when your referral clicks on ads. However, neobux is only one level deep in terms of referral levels, as opposed to clixsense. With Neobux you only get paid when your direct referral upgrades their membership and when they click on ads, however, if your referral refers someone else to the program you will not get paid. Clixsense does allow you to earn if your referral refers someone else to the program.
Neobux also has some advantages over Clixsense though. With Neobux ads are refreshed every 24 hrs for you to view again, and earn. However, clixsense tends to take longer than neobux in most cases. You will still view ads the next day but it usually takes longer to have the new sites available for viewing.


2. Check if the PTC Site Has a Forum

This is very common amongst PTC sites. This is a key factor for every PTC site to grow their business and encourage members to play an active role on the site. This they do by allowing new members to interact with experienced members, to ask for tips, feedback and ratings and generally to learn more about the site. Thus PTC sites that are concerned about growth take forums into serious consideration. Forums ensure that members are able to communicate with each other and provide feedback about the site and general tips about the business.
Consequently the more members who join the site the more active the forums become. And the more active the forum the more active the members become, thus generating more money for the site as well. So it’s a win win situation.
You don’t have to be a member of the site to find out if they have a forum or not. You can usually just google this to see if the site has a forum or not. You can usually see the activities in the forum without necessarily becoming a member of the site.


3. Payment Proof in Forums

Most legit sites encourage their members to post proof of payments in the forums. There is usually a section reserved for members to post their payment proof. This is to show new members and others who might be in doubt that the site does pay and it’s legit. This motivates the members and as a result they become active as well.
Neobux is also one such site that encourages members to post their proof of payment in the forums. There is nothing wrong with this as members tend to trust it more. If you can’t see the payment proof you can ask to join the forum. Payment proofs are commonly widely available in legit sites, which is what contributes to their growth.


4. Join Only Old PTC Sites.

There are tons of PTC sites popping up each and every day. This makes it quite difficult for a beginner to spot real ones from fake ones and also which ones to stick to, etc. Some may seem genuine but only to waste your time and have you click on ads that they won’t even credit you for. As a general thumb rule you should only join sites that are longer than two years in the industry. If the site is longer than two years you can be sure that it’s legit and is paying.
There are a few relatively new ones that look promising and are doing well so far. And by new I mean less than 2 years. I have compiled a list of these here.


If you are a beginner it is highly advisable that you join an older site, for a lot of reasons:

  • There’s enough proof of payments to prove legitimacy of the site.
  • There’s enough members that you can ask for unbiased feedback.
  • The PTC site has built enough reputation on the market.
  • There’s more chances of survival because you are sure it stood the test of time.

Unless you are looking to diversify and explore a bit you must start with older sites. Here’s a list of the Best Paying PTC Sites of All Time.


5. Check The Support System of The Site.

This is one of the most important aspects when it comes to choosing a PTC site to join. There should be a contact form on the site where you can ask a question. Complete the contact form, send them a support ticket and see how long it takes for them to get back to you. If they don’t get back to you within a reasonable time frame, say 3 working days max then you might want to change your mind. At the very least you should get an automated response saying they’ll get back to you.
If they take their business seriously they will know how important the support system is and make it a priority. The rate of response to queries is actually a true indicator of the state of the site. Genuine sites usually respond quicker, are more prompt in solving problems and professional. Scam sites do not pay attention to this aspect and their admin is usually “absent”.


6. Check Their Frequently Asked Questions Section

Check their FAQ section to see if they covered your question. See if the answers are also comprehensive and have enough details. You can usually see if little time was spent in compiling FAQs.  Are there enough of them and do they seek to really help you with your question(s)? Are they detailed or not?


7.  Do a Google Search

Search the PTC site in question using keywords such as PTC scam sites, neobux scam, neobux reviews, clixsense genuine or not, etc. You’ll find a ton of sites giving reviews about the particular site. However, you must be wary of sites that are paid to only write negative reviews about other businesses or websites. These sites usually have something to upsell you on. So you want to tread carefully here.
In the same breath you must also be aware of sites that will trick you to join by coming across as legitimate. Here’s an unbiased review of Neobux that will give you enough information to arrive at an informed decision.
Seeing that choosing a legitimate PTC site is such a mission it is advisable that you join an old one. Also be aware that it is not uncommon to get mixed reviews about any PTC Site. This is mainly due to different experiences that members encounter. Some don’t follow the rules of the site and they get banned, leading to a wide scale complaints. These types of people might be disgruntled about the website admin, not necessarily meaning that the site doesn’t pay.
Another reason for you to join an old site is the possibility of the new site disappearing out of the blue. The fact that they are providing proof of payment all over the internet does not always mean they will last. Sometimes they are just gathering enough proof so more members can join and work. Then once they have accumulated enough money they flee.
By far Neobux has the most positive feedback online. This is because it has stood the test of time. Like I said in the beginning, if you are willing to put in some work and be committed in the beginning you can make decent money with Neobux. You can make $200 or more every day with this site alone. Now is that awesome or what?
It is for this reason that Neobux is my number 1 recommended site to join if you want to make money with PTC sites. Read more about Neobux here.
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