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Work From Home Without Investment

If you have been looking for a way to work from home without investment you have come to the right place. Today I am going to show you how to make money online without coughing out a penny from your pocket.
This article is only going to focus on how to earn money with PTC sites.  You don’t have to be a computer whiz or have any specialized skills or qualification to take advantage of this ridiculously simple method. All you need is 30-60 minutes of your time daily online to grow this business to what you want it to be. You can make $1-$100 everyday, or more, depending on your motivation, speed and accuracy in accomplishing tasks.
This will be explained in 5 simple steps. I will guide you all the way from step 1 through step 5 so you that you understand what exactly is required from you and how to go about working this program.  Ready? Let’s begin.


Step 1:  Register for the PTC site by clicking on the button below


work from home without investment


Step 2: Fill up the form and complete all fields as shown in the video below.


Step 3: Now we’ll look at the 6 basic ways to make money with this PTC Site

 – Viewing Ads: You can do this by clicking on the “View Advertisements” link. You will be shown the different types of ads with different colours: purple, orange and grey. These ads range from $0.001 to $0.02 each, depending on the availability of ads. See the picture below:

make money from home without investment

 – Mini Jobs: You can also get to do mini jobs. Where to find them? This tab is located in the top right hand corner of the page. You will find this to be one of the best ways to generate money from Neobux. The amount of money you can earn here varies from $0.02-$11. Make sure you familiarize yourself with this section, it will accelerate your earning potential on this PTC site.
Let’s make an example, say you do 1oo mini jobs of $0.1 each, you’ll earn $10 before you know it. Remember you don’t have to do all 100 at once, you can do this in intervals of 20 and spread it out throughout the day. They don’t take a lot of time either. What type of jobs will I be doing? These jobs usually range from filling in forms online, matching articles, Matching celebrities, or submitting opinions(also known as surveys).
work from home without investment

 – Completing Offers: You can also complete other offers like Points and Coins which, once you made have enough, you can turn around and redeem them for real money. This money will be added to your main balance. This method is also one of the simplest ways to earn money using Neobux. How these offers work is you have to watch video clips, filling in forms. Most of the offers are to watch videos, complete online surveys by filling in forms, downloading apps on your smartphone and opening them (not necessarily interacting intensely but just running and browsing around) etc.
how to make money with neobux

– Direct Referrals: One of the awesome ways to earn money on Neobux is by inviting your friends. What you have to bear in mind though is that you have to be active for 15 days before you can start referring people. Once you have been an active member, viewing ads, for 15 days then you can go ahead and grab your link and start inviting your friends to join Neobux.
You will find your referral link in the banners section under the Global tab (as indicated in the picture below). Once your friends become members of Neobux through your link then they will become your referrals and now you will be in the position of  earning 20% of what they earn everyday, including minijobs. Pretty cool huh?
how to make money with neobux

 – Rented Referrals: This is also another fun part of this PTC site. If you have built up enough capital in your balance you can start thinking of getting Rented Referrals Neobux. These Rented Referrals work the same as direct referrals, except you order them through the system as opposed to you referring them directly. Everything becomes the same, whatever they earn, you earn a portion of it as well. If you don’t like referring people this might also be another best option for you.
You can speed this up by funding your account and renting them from your main balance, as opposed to waiting for long until you accumulate the minimum amount.  Once you have rented these referrals now all you have to do is manage them, recycling the non-performers and replacing them with new ones. Although you pay a small fee towards this workforce it is totally worth because you not only are you saving your time but you are also multiplying your efforts.
how to make money with neobux

 – Adprize: Adprize is another bonus feature where you stand a chance to  win up to $50. This is totally random, the amount you can win ranges from $0.025-$50. I always advise beginners to view adprize because who knows, it might just be your lucky day. You will be all smiles all day long when you win, it’s like a mini jackpot hehehe.
make money with neobux
You can choose to focus on each of these earning methods at a time or more than one of them as the time and resources allow. You can do these whiles watching TV or listening to the radio, they not demanding. I would highly recommend participating in these methods to maximize your earning potential.


Step 4: Create An Account Through a Payment Processor 

Now you have accumulated a minimum of $2 and you’d like to cash out your money, now what? There are basically four ways to cashout from Neobux. You can choose to open one or more accounts from the payment processors listed below which Neobux uses for payments. Just click on the one you like.

  1. Paypal
  2. Payza
  3. Skrill
  4. Neteller


Step 5: Time To Cash Out

Now here’s the exciting part. Once you have created an account through any of the above mentioned pay processors, if you don’t already have one you are now ready to cash out. After receiving the money you withdrew from the accounts above you are now ready to transfer it into your local bank account or use it any other way online as you wish.
Here’s a video showing you how you can withdraw money from Neobux through PayPal


Work from Home Without Investment Simplified

I hope this article was helpful and displayed in more ways than one that you can easily work from home without investment. Obviously you may have to put in a bit of work in the beginning to build your business up, but it is worth it.
People are motivated by different things, you might be looking for some extra income to take care of a few odds and ends or to make this your main source of income as the time goes by. If you work it hard enough you will soon see the results. If you are ready to get started click here and take Neobux for a spin.
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Sign up below to get started with Neobux today.

earn money with neobux



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