New PTC Sites That Are Paying In 2016

Although these PTC Sites are fairly new and less than 3 years online it is submitted that they are currently paying and it looks like they might make the list of the Best PTC Sites in a not so distant future. This list of new ptc sites is by no means conclusive, as more and more join the industry and prove themselves worthy of your time and energy they will be added here.


What is important to remember is that because these sites are still pretty new, and although they paying right now, but it would be wise to exercise a bit caution in dealing with them. Meaning you should not invest a lot of money on membership upgrades and rented referrals immediately. Maybe a little bit just to test them out. If they are working out for you then you can go ahead and take full advantage.


As it happens with all kinds of businesses, because these sites are still fairly new a lot of effort must continually be emphasised to promote the site. Each of these sites must focus their energy in becoming more sustainable, attracting more advertisers and becoming consistent in delivering good results. It’s very critical they keep maintaining and restructuring where they have to ensure their long term success, lest they become a thing of the past like many we have seen before which are no longer in business today.
Without further ado here’s the list of the New PTC Sites that are Worth Your Time Right Now.

List of New PTC Sites 2016 That Are Paying in 2016

GrandClick new ptc sites
GrandBux new ptc sites
Buxvertise new ptc sites
Okik new ptc sites
LegacyClix new ptc sites
TheBuxer new ptc sites
GrandMonopoly GrandBux


On top of the list is GrandClick which is very promising and delivers – paying their members – on time all the time in the 2 years that it has been online. There has never been an issue with payouts so far.
Unlike most PTC Sites GrandClick enables you to earn a commision from your referrals even if you didn’t view a single ad. Have a look at one of our favourite features from EvolutionScript.


GrandBux is yet another PTC Site that is quickly gaining popularity in the PTC world due its high click through rate from rented referrals. GrandBux at the moment boasts the highest click rate from Rented Referrals, meaning their rented referrals are very active and get to work for you.
Like most new businesses it is uncertain at this stage whether the business will last and stand the test of time, however, at the moment users are taking full advantage of this site and getting paid from the highly active referrals. The site is paying its members very well at this stage.


Amongst the rising stars Buxvertise is also promising. It will not be a long search on google before you start seeing  a ton of proof of payments being posted all over the show. It’s being promoted profusely at the moment.
The admin seem very focussed on growing the 2 year old site, and keeping its members happy. Watch out for this one, it’s on its way to the top.


It is not uncommon to average earnings of around $0.04 per day from Okik. This is because of its very generous model. They guarantee you 6 Standard Ads worth $0.005 each.
One of the most important factors to gaining popularity fast in the PTC world is for a site to pay on time, consistently. This is what makes Okik a potential one of the best PTC sites in the near future. Easy earnings and prompt payments are the key to sustainability and popularity in this industry.


Another new kid on the block is LegacyClix. In its two years online it always managed to rise up to the occasion by delivering quality ads and paying its members on time for the past two years. Its users have never had issues of not receiving payment on time thus far. This PTC Site also looks promising.
Due to the fact that they have more than enough advertisers there are not a lot of self-sponsored ads which therefore makes the business more stable and sustainable.

TheBuxer and GrandMonopoly

Earlier on we discussed GrandClick, well it has two sister sites, and those are TheBuxer and GrandMonopoly. They are owned by the same admin and have the same models, structure compensation plan and the same style of operation.
Generating an extra income online with these two sites is very easy because just like GrandClick they are also very solid and reliable.

At this stage this these are the sites that are worth your time and energy. We will keep updating the list as more credible and reliable PTC join the industry. Do you have any suggestions as to which other ones should be on the list? What is your experience with the stated sites above? Do feel free to share your opinions and experiences below. If I missed any sites, I’ll be sure to add them.


NB: Generating money with PTC Sites is easy  and Free, for sure, however you don’t earn a lot of money, especially if you are going about it entirely free. However, if you want to skyrocket your earnings, make at least $50 a day, so your time will be worth it on the site. I suggest you consider investing in advertising to get direct referrals to your business, instead of rented referrals.


The reason I say this is because rented referrals eat from your pockets. You have to pay in order to keep them and/or get more of them, whereas with solid advertisement not only will you be getting new referrals but you also get to keep them forever, as long as they active.


I want to tell you about a site that has been working very well for me when it comes to quality advertising at an affordable rate. The name of the site is called My Paying Ads and they are a revenue sharing program that shares profits with their clients.


So this is where it gets exciting they allow you to buy advertisement or their popular ad packs. Buying ad packs will enable you to advertise your PTC Site business or any business you might be involved in to their huge audience and then turn around share that revenue that the site generates. This revenue comes from other advertisers just like you. You earn 120% Return On Investment (ROI).

This means they pay you for listing your business with them, and then even get 20% on top of your capital. All you have to do is buy advertising packages from as low as $5, view 10 ads a day, and get paid. If you want to take part in the revenue sharing side of business it’s compulsory to view 10 ads a day, that will take you less than 5 minutes.


So you get to make money on both sides, your PTC Sites (getting referrals and earning from them) and MPA itself seeing that they give you 120% ROI. What’s more? You can even repurchase those ad packs using your balance to earn even more, multiples of 120% ROIs. Is that awesome or what? You can easily make $200 a day with this system.

Click here To learn more about MyPayingAds

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