Neobux F.A.Q


How Much Will I Earn From This PTC Sites? 

The amount of money you can make a day depends on the availability of advertisements to view. Viewing advertisement takes an average of 10 minutes max. You can do this while watching TV, or listening to music.

You also earn through doing Mini Jobs, Points, and Coins. Mini Jobs are the best way to earn online through Neobux. The earnings are a bit more than what you get from just viewing ads. These mini jobs vary in terms of duration but they normally do not take more than 15 minutes of your time.

Points are also easy to accumulate as you are usually asked to do simple tasks like watching videos, installing apps on your smartphone and running them.

Click here to register and then read more on Offers by clicking on the green tab named offers, see pic below.

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How Much Will I Earn For Referring Someone?

This is what we call direct referral. When someone joins under your link they are our direct referral. The amount you earn will differ as you earn based on the amount of ads your referral clicks on, their activity in the program. If you have a very active referral they can bring in a lot of commissions for you.

This does not only involve viewing ads, but you will also earn a certain percentage when they do and successfully complete mini jobs. The commission rates vary. You can find these different rates here.


Who Are Rented Referrals?

Rented referrals are members who join Neobux without a referrer, e.g. through Google Search, or any other search engine. Rented Referrals work the same as Direct Referrals except these are members loaned (rented) to you for a fee. The fee you have to pay for the rented referrals is minimal and you can only rent a minimum of 3 referrals.  

This is recommended if you want to accelerate your earnings on Neobux. It doesn’t cost that much.


How Do I cash Out?

Once you have enough funds in your Neobux account you can request a withdrawal through one of your payment processors (PayPal or Payza). Once the money is transferred into your PayPal or Payza account you can then withdraw your funds from there into your local bank account.

You can also request a cheque and it will be mailed to your home address OR fill in your banking details to have your money deposited directly into your bank account.  PayPal bank transfer is the better option as it is faster.
Still got questions? Read More on Neobux Frequently Asked Question. 

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