Neobux Review – Can You Earn Money Online With This PTC Site


In this review we will be looking at Neobux as a way to earn money online without investment. Does this really work or is it another waste of time? We aim to answer these questions and more in this review so you can be confident as to whether or not you are better off or it is worth your time.


Let us first look at when the site was started and who the owner of Neobux is.


Background of Neobux:-

Neobux was introduced on March 25, 2008 and the owner/admin of Neobux is Fernando.


What is Neobux? Does Neobux Work?

Neobux is among the trusted and also old bux design PTC web sites and is also commonly known as the king of PTC web sites (Pay To Click company). In Neobux, you can earn money by viewing ads. You could earn $0.001 to $0.01 per promotion click. They claim you could make even more by renting referrals, however we don’t recommend you do that. We have actually given a thorough explanation as to why renting referrals is not recommended in the Disadvantages of Neobux below. So, considering it as a PTC site, Neobux works.


Who Can Participate in Neobux?

Whether you are a complete newbie or an experienced internet marketer Neobux has got you covered. They have multiple ways and methods for you to earn money online.


Neobux Program Details. (How can we earn money in Neboux?)

As previously mentioned, it’s quite easy to make money in Neobux, by simply viewing advertisements. The main idea behind Neobux is to display the advertisers’ ads to its members and thereby enabling them to earn commissions when they decide to click and view the ads.


How Can We Earn More Money in Neobux? – Neobux Strategy.

You can generate even more money in Neobux by referring people. This means getting people to sign up under you through your referral link. Once they sign up under you and they become active and start working in Neobux then you will earn money from their efforts.


You will earn commissions from each advertisement that your referral clicks and you will also earn a commission when they decide to upgrade their membership, from a Standard member to a Golden member. You will see your earnings taking off once you reach 100 active referrals, meaning referrals who are viewing ads everyday, completing offers and doing mini jobs. At this level you will be making a decent income, it’s the beginning of higher levels to be reached.


It is highly advisable that you upgrade your membership to Golden as soon as you have enough money in your account balance. You will earn double the commissions from each referral if you do this, once you upgrade your account you will generate more commissions from your referrals.


Note: As a standard (free) member you must view 4 orange coloured ads in order for you to earn any commission from your referrals each day, and as an upgraded member you must view at least 9 orange colored ads. If you do not view these ads you will not get any commission from your referrals for that day.


Another bonus feature for you to earn in Neobux is by viewing the Ad Prize ads. This will not earn you any money like the other ads but you stand a chance of winning some pretty awesome stuff, such as points, money (sometimes even $50 if it’s your lucky day), automatic membership upgrades, etc. This is like playing the lottery, you never know what you might win. Thus, it is advisable to view as many of these as possible. You might just strike gold.


How Else Can I Earn Money Online Using Neobux?

Neobux has more features. Some of which include Mini Jobs, Peanut Labs, Offers, Motomy, Payment Wall, Offers, Crowd Flower Tasks, etc, from which you can make even more money. However, one thing you should take note of is that most of these sites are third party sites. This means that they are in partnership with Neobux and so although most of their offers are free to do, be wary of the ones that require you to sign up with your credit card and pay something in order for you to take part.


You may sign up to become a free member if that’s the requirement yes, however, if they require you to furnish your credit card information or pay to do the job then rather leave that site and go to the next one. Although these sites may be in partnership with Neobux, Neobux cannot guarantee their methods of operations and neither be held liable for this. So it’s good to just stick to the free stuff that will pay you, and not require your credit card information.


Don’t worry, you will get paid through Neobux, for completing these tasks.

Another way you can money with Neobux is through Rented Referrals. This may appear appealing but it actually has a couple drawbacks which are discussed in the disadvantages below. Basically you pay a certain amount for Neobux to lend you a specific number of Referrals, depending on how many you want. The idea behind this is that you have more people earning you commissions, multiplying your efforts, but most people do not realize the drawbacks of this method. See the Disadvantages below.


Is Neobux Free to Join or Is There a Fee to Pay?

Yes. It is completely Free to join Neobux and take advantage of its features. Click Here to become a member today.


Drawbacks of Neobux:-

  • Neobux has a Rented referrals feature which enables you to multiply your efforts, basically to have other people earning for you. In the beginning it seems like a good idea with the money coming in. However, as your rented referral base grows  it’s not uncommon to get inactive referrals who will not click the ads, therefore that will not be making you money. It eats from your pocket to rent more referrals, it’s more money, and you also have to maintain them either by extending their rent by 15-30 days or renewing or recycling the inactive ones. Unless you have a plan with Rented Referrals it is advisable you just stick to getting direct referrals.


  • Due to the fact that Neobux is so big now and has grown tremendously over the years, it becomes a big task to get direct referrals because there’s already so many registered members.


  • Neobux forum rules are too strict and limiting. If you write something that the staff considers offensive they may ban you or even remove you from the forum. They tend to not be able to take too kindly to criticism.  So you want to tread carefully in this area if you are going to be active in their forum. You will want to familiarize yourself with their Terms of Service (TOS) 1.6 & 1.7. So, if you are going to be active in the forum read the TOS and be familiar with them so you don’t step on any toes.


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