4 thoughts on “How To Open and Fund A Bitcoin Wallet – Step-By-Step Guide

  1. “First, I am a complete newbie here and i’m trying to buy a digital product. I am really open to more tips.
    So, I am about to sign up to buy bitcoin from localbitcoin and they are asking for my email address. Is it ok to use my protonmail.com email address for privacy purpose? I’m taking your advise not to link my real life info, but I have to buy the bitcoin through paypal, which has my real life info. I’m confused! Please help! Thanks for your time.”

    1. Yes, you can go ahead and use your protonmail.com email address. One of the advantages of localbitcoin.com is that they give you various options to acquiring BTC. So if you would like to remain completely anonymous you can use one of the vendors and do a eft. That’s how I buy mine in localbitcoin.com. Just do a eft, they confirm, they send BTC. Transaction done. I have to warn you though that make sure to establish communication first with the vendor of your choice. I assume this would be someone in your own country or state even better. Get their cell number and text/call them. Just to make sure that they are reachable, this will speed up the process. I hope this helps. Good luck!

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