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How To Open and Fund A Bitcoin Wallet – Step-By-Step Guide

    What is a Digital Wallet? A digital money wallet is very much like a physical paper based money wallet, but instead of actual cash you store digital currency in your digital wallet. This wallet is installed on your phone and is used to transact and pay for things. …

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10 Best Traffic Exchange Sites

Traffic exchange plays an incredible role in increasing conversions for many internet marketers. The idea of traffic exchange has been present for a long time in this industry. It is a way to ensure you get eyeballs on your products and services.  This tends to be more effective if you …

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How to Get Started with LUNO – Step-by-Step Guide

So you’ve heard about Bitcoin and would like to get your feet wet, dive in and experience the crypto space? This article will take you by the hand, and show you how to get started with LUNO -step-by-step. Let’s jump right in.   Step 1. Click here to open an …

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What’s An Ethereum Dapp?

The advent of blockchain technology brought along with it a lot of hype surrounding the creation of Bitcoin. But that hype could not overshadow the growing interest in Ethereum, another cryptocurrency that is currently revolutionizing the way tech enthusiasts view applications.  One of the innovations that evolved from the Ethereum …

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What is STO? – Security Token Offering Explained

What is STO

The euphoria that greeted the revolution that swept through the process of public funding and crowd sales with the entrance of Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and its meteoric rise was a welcomed development. However, it was short-lived because of negative ratings and feedbacks which arose mainly from the underhand practices …

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History of Cryptocurrency: How the virtual money became reality

brief History of Cryptocurrency

Up until recently, cryptocurrencies have been all the rave, especially with Bitcoin’s continuous price pattern. However, for those unfamiliar, terms such as digital currency, Bitcoin or cryptocurrency may seem like technical language. This should, however, not be the case. Cryptocurrency is already taking over daily transactions with an increasing number …

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How to Buy Bitcoin with Cash

how to buy bitcoin with cash

Buying Bitcoin with cash comes with several benefits. One of the main benefits is privacy. If you purchase BTC with cash, you will not need to reveal any of your private details, which are required by most crypto exchanges. Besides providing you with better privacy, it is also safer since …

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4 Best Bitcoin Wallet Apps

With the popularity of crypto and particularly Bitcoin, many bitcoin wallet apps have emerged in the recent past. With so many to choose from it can be difficult to know which one will really suit your needs. So in this post I’m going to share with you the 4 best …

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