Do PTC Sites Really Work and How is The Money Generated?

The one important thing you need to know in the pursuit of making money online is that, no matter what type of business or niche you want to venture into you have to do thorough research and make an informed decision about the business. There are a lot of scams out there and it is easy to fall prey to them. Rather spend time researching and getting your facts straight than wasting your time, energy and your hard earned money on scams.


Follow the right advice and you will be fine, don’t believe the hype. Anything worth having is worth working hard for. Working Smart is obviously the most ideal, but don’t look for quick riches because they do not exist. Once again, Do Not Believe the Hype.


You will find this site quite informative and full of resources that you need to make this business work for you. I will do my best to elaborate, and illustrate if necessary, topics thoroughly so you are well informed about the subject. All you need to know about PTC Sites is right here, so feel free to bookmark this website and keep referring back to it.


Ok enough with the rant. Let us begin.


Today we are going to talk about Paid To Click Sites (PTC Sites) and how you can use them to generate a handsome income for yourself and family. I will warn you though that this business will take a while to take off, especially if you are going to go in entirely free, but if you have the patience, work ethic and dedication you will do very well. People who do not do well with PTC sites (mainly because they don’t have the patience and strategy) banish the whole PTC concept. But as you will learn, if you are committed enough you will make it happen.
What is a PTC Site?
A PTC Site is a paid to click service that allows you earn money from viewing ads. In the recent years it has changed to also include a ton of other offers such as completing surveys, filling in forms, doing mini jobs, getting points etc. So basically advertisers pay the PTC site to advertise their business or services to its members and then the site compensates the members for viewing these ads. It’s a win-win situation.


how do ptc sites work


From the Advertisers’ Point of View
The advertisers get more traffic and views on their products and services, because remember without traffic or eyeballs on the products and services the company goes out of business. Because they are looking for new customers and clients they need constant traffic coming in and people viewing their products and services, and eventually Purchasing those products of course. So you, as a viewer, and a member of a PTC site are basically a potential client because you might see what you like and turn around and buy their service or join their business.


From The PTC Site’s Point of View

PTC sites make money from advertisers when they buy traffic and views from them. There are a lot of different packages that advertisers can buy and these differ from site to  site.  The PTC site basically sells traffic to advertisers and pays its users for viewing these ads. They are the middleman. They bring the people to the business.


The amount you get paid for viewing an ad and the duration of the ad differ from one PTC site to the next. On average the Ad duration is 20 seconds and you get paid between $0.001 to $0.01 per view. Once again, this is not standard and it differs from site to site. As mentioned earlier, there a lot of ways to earn with PTC Sites now, in addition to just viewing ads. See the 12 Ways you can earn money from PTC Sites and maximise your earning potential.


From The Member’s Point of View 

You as a member of a PTC site get paid for viewing these ads. You are not obliged to register on these websites in order to earn from the PTC site. So all you have to do is click an ad, wait for a few seconds, then close the window.You don’t even have to view the ad, esp if you are not looking to join any business or anything similar. Once the time allocated for the ad has been reached you have the option to immediately close the site or to continue reading and checking out the ad thoroughly.  Simply close the site and move on to the next one.


You can easily do this whiles watching TV or having some down time at work or whatever. The number of ads you can view per day depends on the availability of ads and how active you are on the site. The people who are more active tend to get more sites to view.


Authenticity of PTC Sites
You can do a quick google search on the PTC sites and you will find a ton of them that claim to pay you for clicking ads. However, it is difficult to distinguish between real ones and fake ones. Most of them do not pay you after you have reached the minimum cashout amount.  I compiled a list of trusted PTC sites for your convenience that you can join immediately and get paid.


The aim of fake PTC  sites is to use you to earn money for them. You will click on the ads, but you will not be able able to cashout. The aim is to make money for them (site owners) not for you. The ads are real and the advertisers paid to get views to their products and services, but the site owners abuse this system by not paying you as the member.


However, there are also many legitimate PTC sites out there that you can become a part of. These sites are well known due their legitimacy and services to their members. With time you will learn to trust them yourself as you start receiving your earnings. Here’s a list of the most trusted PTC sites that you can become a member of. And here is the one of the New PTC Sites that are paying in 2016 that you can also register on.


Sites like Neobux, Clixsense, Donkeymails and Wordlinx have been online for a significant number of years. As a general thumb rule: Any site that has been online and continue paying its members every time and all the time for more than 2 years it is safe to say that site is legit. Fake sites seldom make it past the first year.


If you find a lot of positive ratings and reviews on a PTC site, from genuine people, then you can be sure to trust the site. However, if there are a lot of complaints about the site and members are not getting paid and the admin not replying to their support tickets etc, that is enough to raise eyebrows. Stay away. Neobux is the most popular when it comes to the PTC industry. You can register with Neobux here.


How to Choose a Legitimate PTC site?
Although it maybe quite difficult to spot a scam PTC site from the real one due to the fact that the site owners want to come across as real as possible, it is not that difficult once you know what to look for and the characteristics of a legit PTC site. Once you have those basics plus your intelligence it will not be so difficult to spot these. Here are a few pointers:


    1.  Legitimate PTC sites have forums. These forums are for the members to join in  and share their experiences with the rest of the members, to share ideas of how to earn more with the site, connect with other like minded individuals and to get tips.
      Therefore, before joining any site just find out whether or not they have a forum so you can connect with other members of the site and have them share their experiences with you.


    1. Legitimate PTC sites do not mind having a forum for its members to share their experiences because they know that at the end of the day they stand to gain more active members and thus make more money.


    1. Age of the site. Check how long the site has been in operation. Generally, if the site is more than 2 years in the PTC space then it is safe to say it’s legit.


    1. Run a google search for a review of that particular PTC site. Reviews, whether positive or negative, usually contain screenshots of the earnings. The PTC sites themselves usually encourage members to post these screenshots on the forums so that new or skeptical members can see and believe that the site is really paying and it’s legit. Google usually indexes these images.


    1. So you can search for Proof of Payment on the google images tab. If the the company is real and it’s paying you will find a lot of these. You will not find proof of payment on scam sites because they don’t pay their members.


    1. Send them a support ticket and see whether or not they will reply, and how long it takes them to reply to your ticket. If there is no form of reply from the admin for days or even weeks after you sent a support ticket then it is safe to say the site is a scam.


    1. Check the terms and conditions of the site especially regarding payment and how long it takes to payout after requesting a withdrawal. This you can also find out from the members on the forum.


    1. Read their Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to see if there’s anything amiss.


  1. Most of the PTC sites also have a Facebook Group now. So join their Facebook group and see what other members have to say about the site and whether there are any updates from Admin or any form of interaction with its members on the group.


What if it’s a New Site?
If the site is fairly new and has not yet accumulated the number of years we could generally judge it by then find out if the site is paying or not. You can find out from the forums. For a list of new and paying ptc sites go here.


These are just a few pointers that you can use to see whether or not the site is legit. If these are met then it is safe to do business with site. Although PTC sites are free to join your time is valuable and they exploit you by not paying for the work you’ve done and the time you could have spent doing other things of importance to you.
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