Tips for Investing in HYIP Sites

HYIPs (High Yield Investment Programs) promise huge rewards on the deposits investors make. For example, an HYIP site can promise to pay up to 150% of your deposit in fifteen days or one month, depending on the amount you pay. While some of them actually work, it is important to know that most of the HYIPs are actually not reliable. Investing in a HYIP site can make a difference in your life if you are able to find the genuine ones. Below are some tips for investing in HYIP sites and how to spot some fake ones.


Best performing HYIPs


If you have been in the field for long you probably know how to spot the ones with potential. Some HYIPs run for a little while before they experience problems or even cease to exist. I’ve seen some going for over two years. However, you have to be ready for anything and do your due diligence before going into any program. Another rule of thumb is that you shouldn’t invest money you are not willing to lose.


Let us now turn our attention to the tips that will minimize your risk and keep you on the safe side.



Tips for Investing in HYIP Sites


1. Are the Profits too Good to be True?

When a HYIP promises to pay an unimaginable interest per day, you are required to investigate it thoroughly before developing an interest in it. Interest rates like 10% per hour or 20% per day are simply outrageous and quite difficult to achieve. Many of the programs like this are riskier than other HYIPs.


2. Is there any Product or Service?

It is important to know what the program is all about. There should be something tangible about what the company does to generate profits from the little they get from the public. Activities such as Forex, cloud mining, stock market, currency exchange and lots more are genuine cases unlike situations where it is difficult to understand what brings profits to the HYIP. HYIPs without a genuine area of investment is best described as ponzi schemes which pay money to early investors from the deposits made by the late investors. Such websites usually close down when the operators feel they have gathered enough money from unsuspecting investors.


3. Age of the HYIP

If the HYIP has been popular for quite some time, there are chances that the operators are involved in some kind of genuine stuff. Actually, such programs do not promise very high interest rates but it is better to stick to them because you can be sure that your money won’t be stolen. Also look out for reviews on blogs and forums to know how well they have fared throughout their years of existence.


4. Monitoring Sites

Investing in HYIPs that are not monitored is a big risk. If you happen to come across a website that promises what you find attractive, the next thing is to look it up on a HYIP monitor. The more the monitors on a particular program, the higher the chance that you would succeed in it.


5. Incorporation

Is the HYIP registered? Does it have a license number? If the HYIP you are looking at is not a registered company, you are likely to lose your funds in a few weeks or months. Also try to find out the validity period of the registration. If the registration is nearing its expiration, it is better to look for another investment site.


6. Physical Address

Genuine programs do not exist in the sky, at least not in our time. Getting closer to where the said business takes place is another safe measure to take before investing your money. Try to speak with a customer representative and be sure it is not a robot that answers your questions.



There are platforms that are legit, sustainable, compliant and long term but yet profitable. Steady wins the race. One such company is Mize Network. Read the review here.



Bonus Tips for Investing in HYIPs, and Other Companies in General


tips for investing in hyip sites


1. Is the company legit?

2. Are the legal documents in order?

3. Is there a company registration number?

4. Where is the company registered?

5. Where are the HeadQuarters/Physical offices?

6. Can anyone visit their offices for proof and verification of documents etc?

7. Are they compliant?

8. Who’s the CEO? Is he out in the public or is he at least known?

9. Is he reachable? Do they have a WORKING phone number?

10. What about the team – who’s the admin and team behind the company?

11. Where’s the proof of their activities?

12. What about Social Proof – are they on social media?

13. And what do members say about the company In the social media groups? is there a good vibe? Are the members happy about the company or not?


If you are happy with your research, ticked every single box above, then you are reasonably in a good place to take the risk. Remember this, every single opportunity you venture into is a risk. It just depends on the ratio: Low Risk, Medium Risk, and High Risk. All of these have their own respective rewards. If you are High Risk = High Rewards, Low Risk = Low Reward, however, usually sustainable and long term. So you decide.


As a general thumb rule:


If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.


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