What’s An Ethereum Dapp?

The advent of blockchain technology brought along with it a lot of hype surrounding the creation of Bitcoin. But that hype could not overshadow the growing interest in Ethereum, another cryptocurrency that is currently revolutionizing the way tech enthusiasts view applications.  One of the innovations that evolved from the Ethereum network is the Ethereum Dapp, which has changed a lot of things in blockchain technology and the Ethereum ecosystem.

So, what’s an Ethereum Dapp? Simply put, Ethereum Dapp is a decentralized application run on the Ethereum network. It is not hosted on any centralized server; instead, it is hosted on a peer-to-peer network. Sounds good, right?

But that’s a short definition of what’s an Ethereum Dapp; there is more information for us to unpack as we dive deeper into this article. Before you can clearly understand what ETH Dapp is, we will walk you through the world of Dapps, particularly those created on the Ethereum protocol, and also take a look into a larger definition of Ethereum.

Let’s start with Ethereum.


What Is Ethereum?

While there are other protocols used to create Dapps, including Cardona, Tron, Stellar, NEO, and EOS, Ethereum is the father of them all. Ethereum is a decentralized open-source blockchain that allows users to build smart contracts on its network. Smart contracts are codes that are capable of running specific operations or interacting with other smart contracts. Developers usually write these codes. Also check the definition on ethereum.org website. 

While Bitcoin is notable for storing numbers, Ethereum, on the other hand, stores executable codes. Now, you may begin to wonder the very essence of Ethereum. Well, Ethereum is a force that has pulled down the need for a middle man when transacting between peers. Executable codes have replaced the need for a third-party; as such, all kinds of costs have drastically reduced, including money and time.

So, in essence, since the creation of Ethereum, it has removed the need for a third-party to broker a deal; just like Bitcoin successfully removed the need for institutions to hold your money.


Ethereum Smart Contract

The smart contracts we mentioned while defining Ethereum are all hosted on several computer nodes the world over. All information regarding the world’s smart contracts, such as transactions and codes, are all contained in the computer nodes. The nodes constantly work in order to keep the information updated. 

This is precisely what makes Dapp smart contract and cryptocurrencies decentralized. What’s more? The removal of a single node would not disrupt or distort the creation or execution of a smart contract.

Now you know what Ethereum and smart contracts are about, let’s also take a look at what Dapp entails.


What Is a Dapp?

At its very core, a Dapp is just like any application you can think of, such as a mobile app or a website. However, what differentiates a Dapp from other traditional software applications is that it is created on a decentralized open-source blockchain, like Ethereum. 

When creating or building your own Dapp smart contract, you’re writing executable codes for the Dapp. Though your Dapp would have an intuitive interface similar to an interface of a traditional app, all or some parts of the backend is usually created on top of Ethereum.


Still not clear? Then, let’s invoke mathematics. Mathematically, Dapp is equal to frontend plus smart contract backend. That is Dapp = frontend + smart contract backend. Hope you understand now?


A Dapp backend code is usually written in languages recognized by Ethereum, such as Vyper, Serpent, and Solidity (the most popular).  So, what about the frontend? Are there specific languages used to write the executable codes for your Dapp? The short answer is NO! Wring the frontend of your Dapp doesn’t require Ethereum-specific languages – you can use your preferred frontend framework or language!


Why You Should Care About Ethereum Dapps

With the penetration of the internet, the amount of human interaction and information is constantly on the rise. Internet users can create content at near-infinite levels. Unfortunately, the sad reality is that the ability to control the content is heavily centralized. This includes information relating to our finances, health, and social life, among others.


Those who control this information are creating a monopoly, and may even deny you access to your own information. Thankfully, Ethereum Dapps has changed all of that. The narrative is now different. By decentralizing information, government and large corporations won’t be able to control internet users via authoritarian and monopolistic tactics. With ETH Dapps, there won’t be any central point of control since there are no middlemen to facilitate information flow.


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How many Ethereum DApps are there?

Well, below are some of the promising Ethereum Dapps that are currently disrupting the economy:

  • Basic Attention Token (BAT): BAT is one of the best Ethereum tokens that are used to improve privacy and value transfer between advertisers, publishers, and users.
  • Minds: This social platform improves value transfer between consumers and content creators.
  • Golem: Golem is used to run codes on distributed computer nodes.
  • Aave: This Dapp is used in earning interest on borrowed cryptocurrency assets and cryptocurrency deposits.
  • TokenSets: This help to manage crypto assets through tokenized asset management strategies that are automated.
  • IDEX: IDEX is one of the best-decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges on the market.


What Makes Ethereum Dapp Unique?

Ethereum Dapp can do several things that conventional apps cannot do. Some of the functions include:

  • Create new digital assets and money
  • Build decentralized properties, organizations, or even virtual worlds
  • Create web apps that cannot be censored.


Closing Thoughts What’s An Ethereum Dapp

Since Bitcoin hit the digital currency space, the crypto universe has experienced immense growth. With Ethereum gathering massive momentum after Bitcoin, storing data in a decentralized way is now a breeze. Ethereum enables you to create or build a smart contract to power the backend of Dapps.

As more and more crypto enthusiasts continue to create ETH Dapps, we are moving closer to a point where we will all enjoy free and accessible internet without government censorship. 

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